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Tween Brothers Strike Again (Family Travel Guide)

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  • Written by: Lynn Rashid Aidan Rashid Ian Rashid
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Our family of four, including two boys 12 and 13, returned to Redlands for a wedding, a funeral and some much needed time with our west coast family!  We had our usual spots that we wanted to visit; Cheesewalla, El Burrito, Sweet Memories, A Store Called Quest, etc.  But when the weather in Baltimore kept us in Redlands for three extra days, we managed to make the most of it by enjoying more of what Redlands has to offer including Lemon Shark, A La Minute and did I mention Cheesewalla? 

We took a day trip to Palm Springs which is an easy, traffic free, 45 minute drive, totally worth the time!  Believe me, we got NO sympathy from our friends back in Baltimore for our three days of "inconvenience"!  Our only regret?  Not getting our resumes in order so we could apply for jobs before we left!

Our Airbnb in downtown Redlands was an adorable, spacious bungalow with a full kitchen, dining room and sitting room which made relaxing with the family a real pleasure.  The house has a wrap around porch, perfect for enjoying the morning coffee outside.  We could easily walk downtown, which is a nice treat on a cool evening! Being a part of a quiet, residential community with easy access to downtown is the best of both worlds, particularly when traveling with kids!

Aidan and Ian Standing in front of their downtown Redlands bungalow style AirBnB

Aidan and Ian in front of their AirBnB

First stop!


Ian ordered a plain cheeseburger and French fries.  He really liked the nice crunchy taste of the burger and fries.  "I liked it so much I went back for another burger and a t-shirt!"  Aidan originally said he did not like In-N-Out so he ordered a plain burger.  He went back up for a double double cheeseburger.


Ian has been here before!  He ordered a glazed donut grilled cheese.  He really liked the sweetness of it.  He realized afterwards he could get it with bacon, you can’t go wrong with bacon, so he ordered a second one with bacon!

Aidan and Ian in downtown alley covered in umbrellas

Aidan and Ian in alley by Cheesewalla

Lemon Shark

Aidan visited Lemon Shark twice.  He loves poke bowls and scopes them out wherever he can find them.  He ordered a salmon poke bowl and enjoyed it.  He said it wasn’t as good as the ones he gets back home at Union Market in Washington, D.C.  But it’s hard to compete with the price at Lemon Shark! He liked it so much he went back for the Tuna Crispy Rice.  Union Market has nothing on this entrée!

El Burrito

Ian ordered the cheese quesadilla.  He says he could tell the dough was “natural and fresh”.  The warm, stringy cheese was delicious.  Ian eats cheese quesadillas all over the continent of North America.  If he says it’s good- it’s good!  Aidan ordered the garbage burrito.  He ate it so quickly he doesn’t have any other adjective other than, “good, I liked everything.”

Aidan and Ian in front of red wall of El Burrito

Aidan and Ian waiting for their grub at El Burrito

A La Minute

Ian ordered a scoop of mint ice cream.  He says it tasted fresh and flavorful.  Aidan ordered the chocolate chip and thought the chocolate was especially good.

Aidan and Ian presenting their purchases in front of A Shop Called Quest

Aidan and Ian showing off their treasures from A Shop Called Quest

We took a day trip out to Palm Springs, only 45 minutes away from Redlands!  We at Bill’s Pizza.  Aidan got the Rob Hunter’s pizza and devoured every bite.  Ian chose two slices of cheese pizza which were also pretty good.  Ian likes his pizza with lots of sauce and Bill’s fit the fill!  Be sure to have cash or a debit card handy, they don’t take credit cards.

We also visited the Palm Springs Air Museum.  There are four hangers; three are dedicated to World War II aircraft and one is for planes from Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam.  Aidan and Ian have been air museums all over the U.S. and Canada and this one is in the top three.  If your kids like World War II history, this is the place to be! 

Read the Tween Brother's first itinerary here.

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