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One of the great joys of maturity is the opportunity to fulfill the dreams of travel that you have postponed for many years. While raising families and building a career, many mature adults have not had the time or funds to travel on unique and extensive vacations. Baby Boomers are finding they have more time on their hands and posses a great desire is explore their interests.

This time in life allows travelers to treat themselves to more than a one-week vacation from which you often return exhausted. This is a time to enjoy a more leisurely pace and explore in depth your destination of choice.

There are many options available to seniors and when creating a vacation wish list of destination choices you should also determine your top choices. Ask yourself, have you always dreamed of tracing your family heritage? Do you wish to visit historical sights which you have read about all during your lifetime? Do you want a bit of education included in your vacation plans? Is an active adventure experience an important inclusion to make your travels special.

A cruise may be included as one of your options since cruising allows one to eliminate some of the frustrations travel can cause. In past years, taking a trip on a cruise ship was only for the wealthy. Times have changed, and now those who can afford a modest vacation can manage to find a cruise that will fit their needs and means.

In the cruise industry today there are gradations between the extremes of large luxury liners to smaller intimate ships. The larger vessels resemble a floating resort that call upon fascinating cities with activities that range from rock climbing to hands-on cooking classes. With the launching or remodeling of numerous cruise ships, luxury and pampering have been refined to new heights. Large ships often have big-name entertainers on board for evening entertainment.

At the other end of the scale, some small ships have been added to the array of choices. These often offer less plush accommodations. They permit the option of sailing on a river where you pull up to the dock to shop or wander without difficult debarking challenges. Another more specialized sort of trip is offered by sailing ships on which you can enjoy being a pampered passenger or one who takes a turn at hoisting a sail or taking the helm.

Whichever your ship selection, it is valuable to include an in-depth extension for sightseeing on a pre and/or post cruise experience. These additions usually include a few nights at a hotel in your port of embarkation or debarkation. It's a great way to make the most of your vacation time as your package will generally include some sightseeing, meals, or special events.

Yacht cruises offer the ultimate in luxury. Personal service, gourmet dining, elegant surroundings, and access to intimate ports are part of the allure. You will not only find seniors enjoying this luxury but also successful younger people who are anxious to get away from their daily demands of life and career. River cruises may be aboard small ships, barges, or ferries. The most wonderful experiences occur as you walk off your vessel and into a charming town where the true culture of the community is yours to share and explore.
Expedition cruises focus less on luxury (though amenities are at your disposal), and focus more on adventure, education, and exploration. Your destinations may be more exotic, rugged and out-of-way places. Generally, the ship will be small in order to navigate in narrow passages that large cruise vessels cannot reach. Nature is a common focus, and a cruise line will often feature naturalists on board who'll present slide shows, conduct lectures, and guide shore expeditions. Other themes featured may be archeology, marine wildlife, or astronomy.

When selecting a land based vacation there are many options available to exotic and unique destinations. An escorted trip does not necessarily mean a dull and sedate experience. Many trips are designed for an active mature audience and may include hiking, kayaking, diving and walking or any number of outdoor based activities. These adventures generally include a guide who is experienced and knowledgeable about the terrain and naturalists that will enrich and educate tour participants.

An escorted package will offer attractive features that simplify traveling. The benefit of a planned itinerary will guarantee your arrival at a museum or performance at the appropriate time, your accommodations are confirmed and expect you when you arrive, your luggage is handled by someone else and your sightseeing is narrated so you are informed about the locations you are visiting. Leaving the driving to the motor coach or private car driver allows everyone to enjoy the sights rather than spending time reading maps, getting lost and trying to find a parking place. Additionally, there is always someone available to offer recommendations for a pleasant dining experience and cultural entertainment that is representative of the country you are visiting. Often new friendships are kindled that soon become traveling companions for future travels.

In the present economic climate seniors can be certain the value they receive will be extraordinary, especially if you plan in advance. It is a wise choice to purchase travel insurance within 21 days of your first trip payment to assure your investment is protected if an unforeseen illness or injury should occur before you leave on your vacation.

Being a prepared traveler is always wise which means including being certain your health insurance coverage is valid when traveling overseas; advising your credit card companies you will be traveling and they may expect unusual charges to your card; purchasing emergency evacuation insurance that will provide you assistance should you need to return home if you become ill or injured while traveling; ship your luggage ahead to your destination eliminating airport hassles. Additionally, always travel with a copy of your passport and place it in a location separate from your passport, carry a list of the prescriptions you are currently taking which may be presented to a doctor or hospital, carry in your wallet an emergency contact name and phone number(s) for your doctor and family members. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and patience!