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The Energy Lab

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Jill Rooks, owner of The Energy Lab, has been involved in fitness for as long as she can remember. Her dad used to find her at 5am exercising with favorites on TV, going to the gym with her mom even in the 7th grade, and swimming/water polo through high school and college. Then back to videos and the gym post-college.

Jill's fitness career began while teaching classes at the University of Redlands. She pursued education relentlessly, took every class she could, was one of the first Spinning Certified instructors, took up Pilates and certified with TRX when no one had even heard of TRX yet. Through two pregnancies, weight gained and weight lost, her kids grew up knowing that fitness and exercise were a part of daily living. She was asked to coach for Weight Watchers after successfully embracing their programs, but Jill turned to fitness full-time instead, taught at many gyms, coordinated the group programs, became a personal trainer and transformed her garage into a training center. In 2011, a friend nudged her to create a public space to share her passion with the world.

The Energy Lab is now approaching 5 years of transforming lives, educating, and meeting the needs of a living community. Two years into the business, the studio doubled in size, Jill's husband Sean joined her full-time, additional coaches and instructors were hired. The Energy Lab currently employs 4 team and studio assistants, 12 coaches and instructors, offers one-on-one training, small group training, and over 30 group classes a week, along with goal-setting workshops, nutrition, outdoor adventures, and a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) Lab Bootcamp.

Jill is a master trainer for Jungshin Fitness, Level two Institute of Motion movement specialist, a course director with Faster education, on the Todd Durkin Mastermind Team, Melt Method certified instructor, and her experience with the human body along with hard work and relentless passion has given her the opportunity to work with pre- and post-natal moms, hip, knee and shoulder replacements, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and everyday living from ages 3 to our member with the most life under his belt being 96.

..."it has been a work in progress over a lifetime taking both the wisdom given from those who have gone before us, especially my Dad, and a vision for a community that celebrates life by moving our bodies. Understanding that where we are today is not yet our finished product and how we take care of our bodies today directly impacts how we live every other day!" Jill Rook