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Star Tulip Stuffies House of Fine Stuffed Animals

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Kathy L. Harper, owner of Star Tulip Stuffies House of Fine Stuffed Animals, is one INTERESTING gal!!! She earned her B.A. Biology (Botany) & M.S. in Plant Sciences at UCR and worked for the Department of Plant Pathology at UCR for many years before entering into Unintentional Plan B.

When the state-funded tech positions at UCR were terminated forcing early "retirement"--ergo "Unintentional Plan B" developed. Her business started as a weekend kiosk when the Beanie Baby craze was full-blown in Redlands Mall and Tyler Mall. After the close of Redlands Mall she relocated to Indiana Court in Redlands. Last year she came full circle and landed closer to downtown off 6th Street next to Isabella's Ristorante Italiano. Kathy has filled her store with museum quality stuffies. You can find nearly every species on the planet in her store.

Like we said, Kathy is one interesting and DIVERSE gal. Her hobbies are:
* Fine Woodworking- designing and building large furniture
* Spinner/Weaver of raw fiber, including washing, picking, and hand-carding of wool and cotton. Operation of Saxony type and high wool walking spinning wheels using a 4-8 harness table and floor looms. Plus some experience with natural dying of wool fiber with plant extracts
* Amateur Botanist
* Herbarium
* Photographer- Special interest in macro-photography of natural subjects
* Artist -Representational drawing (pen, pencil, ink) and painting (pastel, water-color, acrylic on canvas,
mixed media). Favored subjects include still life, large “macro-florals.” Some experience in scientific illustration.

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