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Where They Know Your Name and They’re Glad You Came – The Royal Falconer

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  • Written by: Deborah Rada Redlands Community News
  • Published:

Established in 1999, The Royal Falconer is the oldest, and most iconic, pub in Redlands.

It was purchased by six friends in 2019. All six had been loyal patrons of the pub and knew the original owners personally. They had joked about buying the business if it ever came up for sale. When it did, they readily agreed to the acquisition. They care about “keeping The Falconer tradition going”.

They quickly realized they needed to make necessary upgrades while keeping the original atmosphere. The furniture had been damaged, patched up, and had multiple layers of old paint. Brass fixtures had tarnished. Lighting was poor. Walls were dark. They stripped the furniture, re-stained and varnished it.

They removed the brass, cleaned, polished, re-hung it, brought in brighter lighting that had more of a “pub feel”, cleaned and rehung the European football banners, re-upholstered bar stools, and repainted the walls. The original bar remains (and is still the longest bar in Redlands). Unfortunately, they had to remove the beloved wooden arches over the bar due to current health codes, but the restaurant now has a more spacious feeling.

With a nod to Redlands history and old European pubs, historic photos from early 1900s Redlands now hang on the walls. Three of the owners are golfers and members of Redlands Country Club, so many of these photos reveal the early days of the Club.

They found English Rose wallpaper, made in England, purchasing it for the hallway. It has become a favorite “selfie station”. They created a new logo for the pub’s street sign. The Henry VIII stained glass hangs over the entry. Their next project is enhancing the outside by building planters. ALL this renovation occurred without closing the establishment!

But, what about the food? Three of the kitchen staff have been Falconer employees for 10 years, so are familiar with the menu. They have kept the beloved hand-battered fish and chips, pub burgers, bangers and mash, and scotch eggs.

Plus, they have added newer pub items – pub steak, Guinness beef tacos, and current favorite, Guinness pot pie. The bartender has created some signature cocktails, such as the 50-50 martini featuring cream and fresh, local orange juice -- a nod to the local citrus industry.

They purchase much of the ingredients for food and libations locally from Washington Produce and Wild Goose Coffee Roasters. Their goal for this year is to develop relationships with local growers, in order to purchase many ingredients fresh from the farms.

In addition to serving a wide assortment of food and beverages, The Falconer also hosts a range of weekly activities of interest to patrons. (Note: this has all been paused due to COVID-19.) Theses include:

  • Monday Karaoke
  • Tuesday Trivia and College Night
  • Wednesday Open Mic Night
  • Ladies’ Night
  • Seasonal Parties (Super Bowl, World Series, and various holidays)
  • Occasional Beer Pong

An eclectic range of live music can be heard some Fridays and Saturdays. Children are welcome to the pub 11AM-10PM, so they can participate in these experiences. There is also a Kid’s Activity Page they created to keep children engaged while waiting for their meal.

The Royal Falconer is a great place to host an event. Birthday, graduation, engagement, retirement, wrap, post-season or post-tournament parties of up to 50 people can be accommodated in the upstairs room.

The new owners consider themselves as “stewards of The Falconer” and want everyone to know “the pub is in good hands; it’s going to last”.

7 Things to Love About the Royal Falconer in Redlands

1. Royal Falconer Fish & Chips

A house favorite, the fish & chips is everything you’d want in a plate of fried seafood. It features three pieces of tender cod that are beer-battered and lightly fried. Served with house-made steak fries, two hush puppies and tarter sauce — it goes great with a cold pint. 

Bonus Tip: For those who like a little tang, consider liberally sprinkling the fish with malt vinegar. This classic pairing accentuates the combination of fish and beer-battered goodness. 

2. Royal Falconer Comfort Food Classics - Shepherds Pie, Scotch Eggs & More!

Make no mistake about it, this Redlands pub makes hearty comfort food that’ll stick to your ribs. Don’t come expecting any crisp lettuce wraps or tofu sushi rolls. (Not that we’re opposed to them…this just isn’t the joint for such fare.)

Here you’ll find a hearty Shepard’s Pie loaded with slow-roasted beef smothered in a Guinness merlot reduction. A few peas and carrots are added for good measure, and it’s served over a bed of housemade mashed potatoes. 

Another beloved menu item is the Scotch eggs — two hardboiled eggs, wrapped in ground sausage, rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs, and deep fried. Despite the name, the process of wrapping pre-cooked eggs in meat actually originated in North Africa. 

The technique made its way to France and then Britain, with the first recorded mention of them appearing in England during the reign of Elizabeth I. While not a common menu staple, these protein-heavy treats make for the ideal game-day snack. 

3. The Oldest Bar in Redlands

When you consider the bars in Redlands, the Royal Falconer should always be on the list. Established in 1999, it’s the town’s oldest pub — offering a local watering hole and gathering place for more than 20 years. 

4. 20 Rotating Beers on Tap (including Guinness!)

The rotating tap list features 20 different beers, including the beloved Guinness. Why is having Guinness on tap so important? Because one of the things that makes Guinness such a treat to drink is the creamy head — a toper that’s created thanks to the use of both CO2 and nitrogen. 

5. Slow-Roasted Guinness Beef Tacos

How do you take a pint of on-tap Guinness to the next level? You pair it with a succulent taco that teases out the innate notes of coffee, chocolate, and bitterness. The Falconer tacos with Guinness beef come served with their housemade tortilla chips and salsa. 

6. Great Pub Specials

Everyone loves a deal, and the Royal Falconer delivers. They regularly offer specials on drinks and food. To see the latest offerings, make sure to follow their Facebook Page and Instagram Account. 

Among the deals we’ve loved as of late, were the $2.50 Taco Tuesdays and the WELL WEDNESDAY featuring trivia, $4 well drinks all night, and 15% off fish & chips! 

7. Live Music

Love live music? The Royal Falconer Pub regularly hosts open mic nights for local and visiting arts. These fun and lively events are a great way to hear up-and-coming bands and beloved local mainstays. Or maybe you have a flair for the spotlight. This could be your chance!

The Royal Falconer

Address: 106 Orange St. Redlands 92373
Phone: (909) 894-3200
Hours: Mon-Sun, 11:30AM - 2AM
You can continue to support the Royal Falconer during COVID-19. Please purchase a gift card here!

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