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Rooted Salon's Favorite Hair Tips

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Product is your hair's best friend. And, did you know salon product is healthier and has less chemicals than typical store brands? Store products have chemicals in them that change hair color and make hair more dry. Professional salon products do the opposite - they make your hair healthy and shine! 

Rooted Salon Team

  1. Fuller, thicker hair from just one shampoo!

    Virtue Labs Full Shampoo adds volume while it cleanses. It dissolves excess oil, lifts the roots, and plumps each strand for weightless, long-lasting body. Infused with their first-of-its-kind Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein, Full Shampoo is specifically developed to add volume and density to fine, limp hair strands. This extraordinarily lightweight formula helps build volume from the inside out and will continue to improve the health of hair over time. Color-safe, paraben-free, gluten-free. Available fro sale at Rooted Salon!

    Rooted Salon

  2. Blow dry curly hair right away, without frizz.

    From personal experience, Rosie has found the best way for those with curly hair to not get a frizzy blow out is to use Virtue Un-frizz Cream after shampooing. Comb hair, use product, then start blow drying hair with a round brush right away. The longer you air dry the more hair gets frizzy, instant heat will close the cuticle and keep your locks smooth. 

    Rooted Salon

  3. How to keep your hair healthy.

    Masks instead of conditioners are a must! Masks are stronger and much more hydrating than the every day conditioner. Davines mask, The Spotlight Circle, can be more concentrating. This can be more specific for what your hair truly needs. 

    Rooted Salon

  4. Lower the temperature on your hot iron tools.

    Straighteners and curling irons typically go up to 450 degrees, but hair does not need that high of heat to be transformed. Turn your hair tools down to 325 or 350. This will help maintain the health of hair. Andrea notices most of her clients use a lot of hot irons, which is fine if they are using a heat protectant. Virtue has just the product for you, the 6 in 1 Styler. Put the protective styler in your hair before using your hot iron, on a lower temp. Save that hair from breaking!

    Rooted Salon

  5. Hair is most fragile when wet.

    Braiding or putting hair up tightly while wet breaks hair. Instead of instantly throwing your hair into a pony, try letting it air dry then braid it. This is especially important if you shower at night! Be sure to rough dry before going to sleep or before braiding.

    Rooted Salon

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