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Q & A with Photographer Nicole Kahn

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Q: How are you different from all the other photographers out there? Why on earth should I pick you?

A: There are some very talented photographers out there, and I would like to think of myself as one of them. You're here looking for a professional photographer to document your life,so talent should go without saying, I think. When looking for the right person to let into your home, document a life event or to hang out with in the park with your kiddos, I encourage people to find someone that they connect with. Someone whom you respect and genuinely like and trust. It's a tough thing to access when searching for a professional so, let me try and see if I can't, at the very least, help you get to know me so you can decided if I am the right person for you. I hope I am.

I LOVE dogs! I consider my pets to be family members.

I love the people I work for and I am very invested in what is important to them and authentically telling their story.

I have a serious thing for cake. Some people drink wine, I eat cake. Bad day... eat cake. Everything is better with cake. I DREAM of cake.

I believe in respect, hard work, and true love (so cliché I know, but I do)

I dream of a sink free of dishes, dog poop pick-up fairies, and a house on the beach.

I go to the gym a lot so I can eat cake. Well, that and because I like lifting weights.

My friends would say I am fiercly loyal, and would offer up a kidney if they needed it...and they would be right, I would.

I married my hubby when I was just 21 and we have been married for 20 years this year. We have three kids. One in college, one is in high school and our little surprise baby is a 1st grader this year.

One of my many favorite volunteer jobs is photographing rescue dogs to help them find their forever home.

If you're looking for am lifelong photographer Call me! 909-446-6482

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