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Ocean Blue

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  • Written by: Martha Green The Eating Room
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When a friend took me to Ocean Blue (this “marvelous sushi place in Redlands” that he’d “discovered”) I ordered the Hibachi BBQ chicken lunch. This barbequed dark chicken dish was delicious! - and the serving size was, as with all of the menu items served at Ocean Blue, enormous! As I just couldn’t finish the amount of food provided, and knowing that dark meat can be heated and reheated (as it stays moist), I put it into a salad I made at home the next day - it was moist and tasty.

Last Sunday I decided to introduce Ocean Blue to my husband, Wes, and to try out some new dishes. The restaurant was packed with a lively crowd. When we walked in, the staff – all of them (cooks too) – turn to greet you with a hearty, smiling, Japanese “Welcome!” How fun is that? When we sat down, I noticed (as I was looking, of course) that the folks at each table seemed to be having something that looked scrumptious - and that they were clearly enjoying their food. Too, they were more than happy to talk with me about their meal and share their delight with what they were eating. I find that folks are so friendly and open when they’re eating good food. I must tell you that my lunch, the “tempura roll,” was huge - with vegetable tempura rolled into the middle of this huge roll. I had no idea one could put vegetable tempura INSIDE a roll! It was quite exceptional.

The owner, Derin, was very knowledgeable and I learned so much after my lunch today like: the Nori wrap is chewy and you can order the white sot wrap instead; if you are looking for a Sunday brunch place that doesn’t serve breakfast this is YOUR place; and the chefs have 20+ years of experience which is evidenced in the presentation and taste. The best discovery here at Ocean Blue was the lunch for less than $10 a person. You get soup, edamames, rice, slaw, potstickers, and so much chicken, pork or beef that you can’t finish it all!

Come in for the Hibachi specials and tell them Martha sent you! I recommend the vegetable tempura rolls and Tiger Snapper Sushi. You will receive some of the best service this town offers Monday through Friday 11am to 2:30pm and 5-10pm and Saturday & Sundays 12 noon to 10pm. Located next to the Old Depot on Orange Street.

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