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Fur Kids, Children, and the Holidays: Top Picks

Kids Holiday Shopping & Activities Last updated

Searching for the ultimate gift to give your four legged fur kid or two legged possibly less furry human child? We did the comparing for you! Check out our top picks...

Top Pick for Furr Kids: Furry Face

Everything for dogs from 8 oz. up to 200 lbs. Incredible selection of anything and everything for Dogs and Cats. You've never seen a store like this! Dogs welcome!

Furry Face is a holistic, naturopathic pet supply store, with a variety of natural options not only in their health and wellness section, but also in their grooming and food and treat sections. They are exclusively a dog and cat store, specializing in nutrition and health and wellness, for which they do consultations.

During every holiday, they decorate the store and stock holiday-themed toys and treats. They also have year-round loyalty cards for their food; buy nine, get the tenth free on both cat and dog food.

Call (909) 748-0777

419 East State St. Redlands, CA 92373

herbs for your pets

Photo Credit: Dean Fry

Top Pick for Children: El Camino Ranch

"Mommy/Daddy and Me" - Ages 3 - 5

Little ones are introduced to the world of horses and will gain familiarity by means of petting and grooming our gentle pony, riding and learning how to care and love for the animals. Accompanied by their mom or dad, he/she will be making the first step into a life of horse riding.

Introductory, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced - All Ages

Beginning with a one hour, one-on-one evaluation, a plan for your growth will be developed with yourhorsemanship goals in mind. These private lessons can be scheduled at your convenience one or more times per week. Packages of multiple lessons are available at discount.

Summer Clinics/Day Clinics, - Ages 7-17

Child washing and brushing pony

Photo Credit: Dean Fry

The Ultimate Top Pick: Healthy Kids

8 Tips from Mission Pediatrics to Keep Kids Healthy

1.    Eat healthy, stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients. Parents should stock the kitchen with fresh healthy foods and snacks!

2.    Stay active. Ride bikes, walk your dog, go for a hike and enjoy. Physical activity can be fun for everyone! 

3.    Get the flu shot. Even if it is not 100% effective, your chances of staying well are better with the vaccine than without it. Get the flu shot, stay healthy! 

4.   Water. Kids should drink mostly water everyday. To keep your kids hydrated have them carry a water bottle with them where ever you go!

5.    Sleep. School aged children need between 8 and 12 yours of sleep per night. So be sure they get their Zzzz’s!

6.    Wash your hands. Hand washing is the best way to prevent illness and to lower the risk of spreading germs when you’re sick. Teach kids to wash their hands and help prevent the spread of germs! 

7.    Cover your cough. Respiratory illnesses are spread by cough, sneezing and unclean hands. Covering your cough might help prevent those around you from getting sick!

8.    Travel safely. Drunk driving, drugged driving and distracted driving all impair your ability to focus and drive safely on the road. So pay attention, buckle up and drive safe!

*Follow this link for more detailed list.


1. Kissui Baby & Children: shoes, clothing, nursing covers, cloth diapers, baby carriers, and gift registry.

2. Seed Kids: Seed is a hipster kids store that caters from ages zero to eight.

3. Star Tulip Stuffies...House of Fine Stuffed Animals: "House of Fine Stuffed Animals"-- the kind you normally find partial selections of at gift shops at the zoo or aquarium or natural museum or national parks, arranged by habitat (e.g. Desert, Forest, Africa, Asia, S. America, Australia and also barnyard/domestic animals, dogs--lots of specific breeds--and cats, plus dragons, fairies, fantasy creatures, angels, etc.!)

4. Redlands Music Lessons: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin, Drums, and Ukulele lessons in a private or group setting.