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Angel's Wing Cheesecake Girl Scout Cookie Throwdown Recipe

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1 1/4 Cups Finely Crush Girl Scout 'Shortbread' cookies
3/4 stick butter melted
3 tablespoons sugar (heaping)
Mix sugar and crushed cookie in 9" round bake pan. Add melted butter blending with a fork until it holds together.
Press up sides and cover bottom of pan to create crust. Bake at 350 for 10 min set aside to cool.

Blend 16 oz cream cheese, 3 eggs, 2/3 C sugar and 1 tsp Vanilla.

Cover crust lightly with chunky broken pieces of Girl Scout 'Caramel Delite' cookies. Pour cream cheese mixture into crust to approx 1/2" below top of crust. Drop in more chunky broken pieces of 'Caramel Delite' cookies and Bake approx. 25-30 min at 350 until cake is just solid (no jiggles).

Remove from oven and cool - when serving, drizzle with chocolate or caramel sauce or both, top with whipped cream, toasted coconut and garnish with 1/2 'Caramel Delite' cookie.

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