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Your Guide to Redlands Farmers’ Markets

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Redlands Farmers’ Markets offer the best locally grown produce, artisan wares, specialty products, and more.

It’s indisputable. Farmers’ markets offer some of the highest-quality food, support local farmers and producers, and promote a stronger community. They’re also just darn fun — especially a Redlands farmers’ market. 

Redlands has been blessed with different markets over the years, including the popular Night Market that we miss very much. The following outlines the two current Redlands farmers’ market offerings.

The Two Farmers’ Markets in Redlands, California

local produce from Three Sisters Farm

The Farmers' Market at The Grove School

As the name would suggest, The Farmers’ Market at The Grove School is held at the school. It features produce grown by students. A public charter school, The Grove School includes a working farm and utilizes a Montessori approach to learning. 

This is a kid-friendly market. Activities for children are held at Heritage Park and children are invited to visit the school’ chickens and goats. 

  • Location: The Heritage Park parking lot - Located on Orange Ave., between Nevada and Iowa Streets.
  • Hours: Saturdays 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. — rain or shine.
  • Parking: Plenty of parking is available along the street and in a small lot at 11126 Iowa Street. 
  • Pet-Friendly: Yes

Downtown’s Morning Market

As a spin-off on the Night Market, the Redlands Downtown’s Morning Market features local produce, the ultimate in artisan wares, and more. 

  • Location: East State street, between Orange Street and 6th Street
  • Hours: Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Parking: There’s plenty of parking 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the lot off Fifth Street and the parking structure on Citrus & Fifth. 
  • Pet-Friendly: No

How to Get to a Redlands Farmers’ Market

Fresh Pomegranates at the Farmer's Market

When it comes to visiting Redlands Farmers’ Markets, the most common ways are by car, bike, or train. We’ve outlined them as follows:

1. Reaching a Redlands Farmers’ Market by Car

Traveling to a Redlands farmers’ market by car is undoubtedly one of the most common ways. If you plan to go by car, arriving early is strongly suggested to ensure you can find parking. 

2. Reaching a Redlands Farmers’ Market by Bike

Undoubtedly, one of the most eco-friendly and enjoyable ways to reach a farmers’ market in Redlands is by bike. Redlands is an incredibly bike-friendly city, with fun local bike rides like the Taste of Redlands Ride created by our friends at Pedego Electric Bikes!

3. Reaching a Redlands Farmers’ Market by the Arrow Train

The Arrow Train is Inland Empire’s metro system, which offers a train directly from Los Angeles to Redlands. This is the easiest, car-free way to reach Redlands and the Redlands farmers’ markets from outside our hometown. The downtown station is just a handful of blocks north of the Downtown Market.

Enjoy Our Community and the Fresh Produce

There's always something good to find at local farmer's markets. From handmade crafts to local fruit and produce, you'll treat your family to spectacular treats and support local businesses.

Do you have any favorite vendors or items you like to stock up on? We're all ears on Facebook or Instagram, ready to share your excitement and recommendations.

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