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Defining Beauty with Redlands Blade & Lash and Redlands Cryoslim

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Beauty can take many forms. It has the ability to mean something completely different to every person. Have you ever thought long and hard what beauty means to you? We asked the ladies of Redlands Blade & Lash and Redlands Cryoslim what beauty meant to them. Here is what they had to say...

  1. Ericka Canizales, owner Redlands Blade & Lash and Redlands Cryoslim 

    “I believe beauty is a state of mind. If you feel beautiful you will radiate that beauty to others. It’s not about how you look. We can filter our photos and cinch our waist to fit in societies box of what beauty is, but if you truly feel beautiful and confident in your own skin, unfiltered...that is beautiful!”


  2. Kolbie Zuniga, Redlands Cryoslim 

    "Everyone sees beauty differently. Stop believing society's definition and recognize what you deem beautiful because there is no wrong answer. We have to remember to allow every person the opportunity to express their beauty without judgement!"


  3. Jessica Stovall, Redlands Blade & Lash and Redlands Cryoslim

    The meaning of Beauty to me is being authentic, and sincere, To yourself and to others. It’s your safe space. Your right to self expression. There’s no one way to be beautiful. It’s life giving, its spiriualit’s unique. “Be you own kind of BeYoutiful!”


  4. Tamara Teal, Redlands Blade & Lash and Redlands Cryoslim

    I truly think beauty means loving yourself. Just being in this industry the short time I have been, I’ve began to realize how important it really is to take care of ourselves. Cause as the saying goes “when we look good, we feel good” and when we feel good, we DO BETTER 🖤


  5. Jen Britton, Redlands Cyoslim

    "The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see Beauty in others."


There you have it! Beauty takes many forms and is much more than skin deep. So, we ask you to take a few minutes to really think about what beauty means to you.

Redlands Blade & Lash's NEW expansion!

Redlands Blade & Lash's NEW expansion!

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