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Creating Your Happy Space At Home

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Have you cleaned out every nook and cranny in your house these last few months? Perhaps you've redecorated your daughter's room? Well, it might be time to take off the rubber gloves and focus on creating a space for yourself.

Our homes now play more roles than ever before. From home we eat, sleep, play, relax, entertain (virtually), work, exercise, homeschool... the list goes on. Having a space that leaves you feeling replenished and ALIVE is huge. Here are a few tips and suggestions for creating your at-home haven!

When picking a space consider the following:

  1. What is your favorite area around your house?
  2. How much time can you dedicate to being mindful in your space?
  3. What element brings you peace? Earth, air, fire, or water?
  • If you are a mom with smaller children your space might be the window above the kitchen sink. We love a windowsill of succulents (The Hippie Gardener can create something truly beautiful for you), scented candles (our fav is Orange Blossom), and small peace-inducing trinkets (Kith has quite a few fun and small home goods perfect for your space). Stop by your space a few minutes multiple times a day to recharge -- then run off to investigate the suspicious silence.
  • If you are able to dedicate 15 minutes or more your space can be much more elaborate. Ruthie of Ruth Chafin Interior Design says, "I created my space on my front porch for that moment to connect with nature, enjoy the squirrels and birds and listen to the sound of my fountain." Ruthie has a table with a candle and flowers, and 2 chairs facing her front lawn. She likes to enjoy her morning coffee and toast, or afternoon wine here.
  • Don't forget about the babes! Children need time and space to realign themselves. Have you ever witnessed a toddler meltdown? Yeah, kids need space too. If you have a bookworm on your hands, a reading corner complete with canopy and fluffy pillows is the ticket (this would be easy to adjust for children who prefer to color). Maybe your child is a sensory seeker; put water beads in their water table. This will capture their attention for an extended period, which will allow them time to calm down. **Note: water beads take at least 1.5 hours to engorge. We make them in a separate bowl in the kitchen and pour them in the water table when teeny monster needs her soothing sensory activity.

The way you set up your space will play a huge role in how you feel.

Ruthie encourages you to use your sense of humor and creativity. You'll want to...

  • Declutter. Clutter = Mess = Stress
  • Create an experience. Do you want your space to feel like an adventure? Be calming and quiet? Maybe you want it to be bright and exciting. The choice is yours!
  • Prioritize comfort. Make sure the furniture in your space is comfy! You are making a haven, not a photo backdrop.
  • Get inspired (whatever that means for you). The whole point to YOUR space is to revitalize yourself. Put up your favorite quote. Make sure you enjoy the scent of that stylish candle. Hang twinkle lights that make your soul smile! Lastly, listen to something just for you (work podcasts are not allowed here).

Creating this space for yourself should be fun! In the words of Ruthie, "Take a breath. Enjoy the creativity and heartwarming activity of creating your HAPPY SPACE." And if you do not find designing your space fun, ask Ruthie for help. She is happy to walk you through the whole process. Send your interior design questions to

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