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5 Reasons to go Local for Expert Medicare Consultations

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Now more than ever, a local insurance broker is the way to go to get the most of your Medicare coverage. 

Many insurance agents and brokers -- particularly those working for national companies - are trying to get your business. Whether it’s via TV ads or junk mail, too many of these so-called “experts” are trying to grab new and existing Medicare members, and flip their plan without determining needs.

No matter whom you use, the service is free to you.

Here are five reasons you will get the best policy available to you if you use a local adviser.

  1. You get face-to-face assistance

    There’s no good reason to talk to a faceless insurance representative on the phone or even worse by email. You want a broker who works where you can come in, sit down and look at all of your options, (or at least for now, navigate the options together on screen).

  2. Local brokers will be your advocate

    A local broker has expert knowledge of the local landscape. They have relationships with the medical centers, the hospitals and the doctors that you use. That means they are in a better position to negotiate with the health care provider you use on your behalf.

  3. Local brokers know which doctors are taking new clients

    Talk about one of the real challenges these days -- this one is huge. The Inland Empire has a significant shortage of physicians, and while steps are being taken to improve the situation, it will be years before it gets better. A local broker can get you in front of a doctor faster than any national insurance seller.

  4. Experienced local advisers know which medical groups are good, and which to avoid

    There are a lot of great medical groups in the Inland Empire, but like all things, there are some you want to avoid because you can get stuck with them. Local brokers have the inside scoop!

  5. Local professionals are accountable to you

    When you talk to a broker from a national company, it’s unlikely you will ever speak with them again. And if you are unhappy with their service, you have few options. A brokerage based in a community, whose owners live in that community, relies on its reputation in that community. You will get personal service and the professionals will be proud of having you as a satisfied client.

Southern California has some of the best Medicare benefit plans available anywhere. The doctors here are some of the best in the world, as are many of the plans. So it’s important to make sure you get the most out of your Medicare benefits. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us be your high-level life coach for your health care needs. 

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