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The Eating Room & Dough'Lectibles Bakery

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Martha Green, owner of The Eating Room & Dough'Lectibles Bakery, grew up in Greenville, S.C. In 1974 she began teaching microwave cooking classes in the back of her husband's mattress store in San Bernardino. In 1978 she opened a cooking equipment store in Redlands and expanded her classes to include all forms of food preparation. At the same time she opened "UNDERPINNINGS LINGERIE SHOP." And, because that wasn't enough to keep her busy Martha became a Realtor in 1986. It was at that time she closed all her businesses and jumped in with all fours into real estate.

Martha opened Dough'Lectibles Bakery in 1996 and then The Eating Room in 2001-- both in Downtown Redlands. In 2008 she expanded the bakery to include the cake department. "I was insane at the time I decided to open a business…..period!!!!" Martha laughs, "Don't get me wrong, it has its wonderful sides, but boy is it hard work. It makes me very happy to feed people and see them enjoy the restaurant and bakery. Guess it's my southern roots coming out in me."

Acclaimed for her wit and cooking wizardry, Martha now simmers and stews before audiences at an estimated 30 fundraising cooking classes annually. For the past 27 years, she has hosted the annual Bonnes Meres auction benefiting the Children’s Fund. Martha has helped raised over 2 million dollars for local charities.

She is the author of two cookbooks Martha Green's Cooking Things I and II. When she's not writing or cooking Martha loves cycling and has been doing it for 6 years. She also loves to travel and adores entertaining guests.

"I have one FABULOUS child, JR. and three beautiful grandchildren Kelsea, Teegan and Finley. I'm passing the baton over to JR to run the restaurant and bakery-- which he has been doing beautifully for the past few years-- I'm getting MARRIED on March 25TH to the MAN OF MY DREAMS! I hope to live a life happily ever after."