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Meet San Timoteo Sanctuary, Redlands' Newest Nature Sanctuary

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Take a walk through one of Redlands newest open spaces preserved by the City of Redlands and maintained by Redlands Conservancy. The preserve lies just below the ridge of Sunset Drive, one of Redlands’ most picturesque neighborhoods.

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Nearly 200 Acres of Wildlife Perfect for Hiking

The San Timoteo Sanctuary spans approximate 200 acres. This natural habitat is home to wildlife such as coyote, deer, badger – and snakes! It's a favorite for hikers of all abilities.

Dogs are also welcome, but should be kept on a leash. This is for their own safety and for the protection and respect of the wildlife.

Spring is perhaps the most beautiful time to visit. The California Sage is so fresh and fragrant you can smell it as you walk. Wildflowers fill the fields. You'll be treated to everything from Fiddlenecks and Canterbury bells to Brittle bush and Ceanothus (California lilac). You'll also find Lupine, wild cucumber, and elderberry trees, used by Native Americans.

Mountain biking is permitted on the single-track through the eucalyptus grove. Nearer to the eastern entrance, there is a huge specimen of Staghorn cactus that has a pack rat nest in the middle of it. This is a really fun thing to come find with your children.

Exceptional Birdwatching Opportunities

This sanctuary tour begins at the west end, beside Beverley’s Pond. A birding hot spot, enthusiasts have seen a wide variety of species at the pond - including a bald eagle! The location has been listed on, where birders frequently list the birds they've seen. Additionally, Ebird provides a link to print a checklist, and many of the sightings have photos.

(Near Bobcat Bowl, you'll find a porta-potty. It is cleaned every Thursday, so it’s ready for the weekend.)

A few yards past Bobcat Bowl is a creek which runs year round.

The Carriage Trail was developed by the Smiley Brothers. They use to bring their guests to the area. Up the hill, on the other side of San Timoteo, the Smiley Brothers would often stop for picnics in the Eucalyptus Grove. Located above are beautiful homes that have a sanctuary in their backyard.

Header photo by Annamae Holzhauser.