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Did you know that The Eating Room cracks every egg?

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  • Written by: Martha Green The Eating Room
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There are three breakfast dishes that tell it all: One, the Sinful French toast that we make with croissants, cream, eggs, maple Syrup, cream cheese and vanilla baked to perfection- a dish you won’t forget; two, the Eggs Benedict made with a special cured ham of the highest quality; and three, the Elvis Special which is French toast made with peanut butter and bananas! Elvis would have been proud. We also use Jimmy Dean sausage exclusively. I spent the whole day with Jimmy Dean on the set of Fantasy Island where he shared his secrets have been a fan ever since. When you cook Jimmy’s sausage it does not render at all. You can’t beat that!

We also make all our own bread and have the largest variety in Redlands. Our Chef, Paul Snyder, is a real gem and really knows how to cook from scratch. So come on in and try our breakfast. After you do, please email and let me know how you liked it.

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