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Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

501 W. Redlands Blvd. Suite DEF, Redlands CA 92344
Thu, Aug 06 at 08:00 AM + Add to Your Calendar
Fri, Aug 07 at 08:00 AM + Add to Your Calendar
Mon, Aug 31 at 08:00 AM + Add to Your Calendar

At 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts we have always prioritized the health and safety of our students but with the Covid, we have made a deeper commitment to making sure our students can train and still stay healthy from the virus. What to we do to keep our student safe? Temperature checks before anyone enters the studio. We sanitize the mat and studio after every class. Limited Class Sizes. Workout mat is marked off to ensure social distancing. Instructors wear Gloves and Masks when interacting with the students when social distancing can not be maintained allowing the student to still be able effectively train and be prepared to defend themselves in any situation. Then to go further every other week we have the studio professionally steamed to kill any chance of the virus spreading and impacting our students and their families. But we also understand that some of our students and the public are not ready to leave their house and stay home so we are still offering classes online for kids and adults to join and be able to find an outlet for their pent up energies. If your interested in training either online or in person, please check us out at to learn more and get started today! Classes for kids 3 and 1/2 and up....


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