Personal Growth Encounter

Sat, Jun 29 at 01:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar

This is a therapeutic personal growth music and imagery opportunity facilitated by AmyLynn Dimaano, Board Certified Music Therapist. Spend some quality time with the one you love the most: YOU! Working from the inside out we will spend the first hour warming up your personal vibrations and intention setting, lying down while the 34 inch Gong sounds, Crystal Alchemy Bowls, traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls, the Ocean Drum, Crystal Harp, Table Drum and plenty of surprise sounds to awaken your senses and inspire your individual synergy. After a brief break we will regroup and you will be offered the tools and time to create a Sand Tray expression of your experience in the music. Each participant will get an personal tray to work with and endless miniature options to suite every vision. Verbal processing and sharing time is allotted but no one is required to partake. Photographs of your Sand Tray project can be taken. You will leave with a deeper connection to yourself and valuable personal insight.

Space is limited, prepayment required.

What is a SOUND BATH? Like a vibration-based massage, instruments interact with the water in your body to arouse feelings, insights and deep relaxation. Body-Mind-Spirit connection is supported in this non-verbal music healing experience. Set an intention and find your own personal wisdom.

What is SAND TRAY? Sand Tray is a non-verbal therapeutic process using miniature figurines and a base tray filled with sand. Participants express themselves by choosing and placing items that resonate for them accordingly and discuss the personal meaning of the resulting creation.

$50 for one space, $80 for two: bring a friend!

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  • Questions? Call or email AmyLynn. 909 8094150
  • Saturday, June 29, 2019, 1-3PM

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