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Join us May 2nd - 6th, 2018!

The Redlands Bicycle Classic is the longest continuous running invitational, professional stage race in American bike racing. Each year, the City of Redlands and surrounding communities open their homes, their hearts and their streets to world-class athletes. From humble beginnings on a Memorial Day weekend in 1985, the event, featuring 350 elite racers, has hosted future stars of the Olympics, Tour de France, and World Championships. The Redlands Bicycle Classic's long heritage of attracting future stars has earned its position in history: "Where Legends Are Born!"


Spectator Locations

Tuesday, May 2 - The Hope Center, 1210 Ford Street (corner of Ford & Highland) Redlands

Wednesday, May 3 Greenspot Road at Santa Paula Street. 10:30 am  Stage 1 – PossAbilities Para-cycle Time Trial  (5.3 miles); 11:30 am  Stage 1 – Greenspot Time Trial for Women  (7.1 miles); 1:00 pm  Stage 1 – Greenspot Time Trial for Men  (7.1 miles)

Thursday, May 4 - Start at Sunnyside Drive north of Oak Glen Road, Finish at Los Rios Ranch. 9:00 am Stage 2 – PossAbilities Para-cycle Circuit Road Race (12 laps, 21 miles); 9:40 am Stage 2 – City of Yucaipa Road Race for Men (6 laps, 94.3 miles); 10:50 am Stage 2 – City of Yucaipa Road Race for Women (4 laps, 66.1 miles)

Friday, May 5 - Start at San Manuel Village, Finish Line at Baseline Street and Church Street. 8:45 am Stage 3 – Highland Circuit Race for Women (14 laps, 41.3 miles); 11:00 am Stage 3 – Highland Circuit Race for Men (20 laps, 58.1 miles)

  • Start/finish area at Baseline Street, west of Church Street near the Brightwater Senior Center. Racers will cross the start/finish line many times during the race.
  • Turn two at Church Street and Jack Rabbit Trail near Arroyo Verde Elementary School. Racers will head downhill at speeds up to 40 miles per hour and will face a technical 90 degree right turn at the bottom.
  • Feed-zone at Webster Street between Saguaro Way and Baseline Street near the Imanuel Baptist Church. Here, racers will speed by at 30 miles per hour to quench their thirst with the help of their team support members.

Saturday, May 6 - Start/Finish Citrus Avenue, Downtown Redlands. 7:00 am  Registration opens for Public Races with School Duel; 8:30 am IEHP/Alta Vista Credit Union Public Races with School Duel; 10:00 am BMX stunt show; 12:00 pm 2nd performance – BMX stunt show; 1:15 pm Flag Ceremony and National Anthem; 1:30 pm Stage 3 – PossAbilities Para-cycle Criterium (1 mile course, 30 minutes); 2:30 pm Stage 4 – City of Redlands Criterium for Women (1 mile course, 60 minutes); 3:50 pm Kids Adaptive Bike Race; 4:30 pm Stage 4 – City of Redlands Criterium for Men (1 mile course, 90 minutes)

  • Start/Finish area at Citrus Avenue across from Martha Green’s Eating Room. Racers will pass through here numerous times - as well as those participating in the public races. The top of the two-story parking structure is also a prime viewing spot, as spectators can look down on the racers as they rush by.
  • The final turn at Citrus Avenue and Cajon Street near Redlands City Hall. Here, cyclists will race for “point sprints,” “time bonuses” and the win.
  • Every turn. Spectators are encouraged to walk the course to catch the riders at every turn of the race.

Sunday, May 7 - Start/Finish Citrus Avenue, Downtown Redlands. 6:00 am Registration opens for Redlands Downtown Criteriums; 7:10 am Criterium for Men 5 0.65 mile course (40 minutes); 7:55 am Criterium for Men 4 for Men Masters 50+(1-4) 0.65 mile course (50 minutes); 9:00 am PossAbilities Para-Cycle Clinic (till 1:00 pm) Lower level parking structure; 10:00 am Stage 5 – Beaver Medical Group Sunset Road Race for Women (9 laps, 68.1 miles); 10:05 am Criterium for Women (1-3) 0.65 mile course (50 minutes); 11:00 am Criterium for Juniors 15-18 (1-4) 0.65 mile course (40 minutes); 11:45 am Criterium for Men 3 0.65 mile course (50 minutes); 2:00 pm Stage 5 – Beaver Medical Group Sunset Road Race for Men (12 laps, 94.1 miles); 2:10 pm  Criterium for Men Masters 35+ (Cat 1-4) 0.65 mile course (50 minutes); 3:05 pm  Stage 4 – PossAbilities Para-cycle Criterium (0.65 mile course – 30 minutes); 3:45 pm Criterium for Men Pro, 1, 2 (non-stage) 0.65 mile course (75 minutes)

  • Start/finish area, same as Saturday’s races.
  • Redlands Fire Station at Simonds Parkway on Garden Street. Spectators and their families can set up camp here to watch the racers.
  • Top of the Ridge Street climb at Sunset Drive. This is the first steep pitch of the Sunset Loop race.
  • Feed-zone area at Sunset Drive at Puesta Del Sol. Similar to the feed-zone in Highland on Day 1 of the RBC, racers will be grabbing for water and food here at the top of the Sunset Loop.

Five things to know about this year’s Redlands Bicycle Classic

  1. More than 600 children will participate in the School Duel on Saturday. This week, professional racers will visit 30 elementary schools and speak to more than 12,000 students about health and fitness.

  2. Saturday boasts several family-friendly activities in addition to the professional races. The IEHP Wheels of Perfection BMX show is scheduled for 10 a.m. and noon. Attendees can enjoy a free concert featuring No Duh, a No Doubt tribute band, at 6:05 p.m. on the southwest corner of Citrus Avenue and Sixth Street in downtown Redlands.

  3. Every year, host families take in athletes for the duration of their stay. This year, more than 320 athletes are staying with local residents.

  4. The Redlands Bicycle Classic Expo will take over the second floor of the parking structure at Citrus Avenue and Sixth Street. The expo will feature food and drink vendors, organizations and businesses.

  5. It is free to watch the races. There are numerous spots along the race courses that offer optimum viewing.


Road closures


  • Citrus Avenue will be closed from Orange Street to Seventh Street beginning 5 p.m.


  • Citrus Avenue from Orange Street to Olive Avenue
  • Olive Avenue from Citrus Avenue to Sixth Street and from Cajon Street to Fourth Street
  • Sixth Street from State Street to Olive Avenue
  • Vine Street from Sixth Street to Fourth Street
  • Cajon/Orange Street from Citrus Avenue to Olive Avenue
  • Fourth street from Olive Avenue to Citrus Street


  • Citrus Avenue from Orange Street to Olive Avenue will be closed all day.
  • 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Citrus Avenue from Seventh Street to Olive Avenue; Olive Avenue from Citrus Avenue to Vine Street; Sixth Street from State Street to Vine Street; Vine Street from Sixth Street to Fourth Street; and Cajon/Orange Street from Olive Avenue to Citrus Avenue
  • 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Sunset Loop Course including portions of Olive Avenue, San Mateo Street, Highland Avenue, Cajon Street, Garden Street and Sunset Drive
  • 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Cajon Street from Vine Street to Olive Avenue
  • 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.: Olive Avenue from Cajon Street to Eureka Street; Fourth Street from Olive Avenue to Vine Street; and Vine Street from Fourth Street to Cajon Street.


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