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Valentine Weekend Events and Gifts

Valentine's Day 02/14/21 at 12:00 PM

Redlands Ca
All Day on 02/14/2021 + Add to Your Calendar
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  • Caprice's Cafe in beautiful Downtown Redlands. For Valentine menu details & wine pairings, please visit their website here. 909-793-8787

  • Citrone Restaurant & Bar - Reservations highly recommended 909-793-6635. Website.

  • Olive & Citrus - Reservations highly recommended.

  • Copehouse ar & Bistro -Website

  • Darby’s American Cantina 1 East State Street. Reservations not required. Website

  • Isabella's Ristorante Italiano - Isabella's Ristorante Italiano 330 N. 6th Street, Redlands. (909) 792-2767 Website

  • La Volata Pizzeria - Reservations are strongly encouraged 909-792-0316 . See you there♥️ Menu

  • Rok n Fondue - The word fondue means “to melt’ in French, and that is just what your honey will do if you celebrate Valentine’s Day at Rok n Fondue. Call (909)793-1919 to reserve your table today! More about Rok n Fondue

  • Terry's Diner - Reservations welcome Just give us a call! 909.335.8804. Website

Gifts & More...

  • Star Tulip Stuffies House of Fine Stuffed Animals - We have LOTS of beautiful, quality Valentine's Day "Stuffies +" for you to choose from (or add something unique from one of our habitats to someone's special animal collection)--and you can use our DISCOUNT COUPON on any regular price merchandise in our Shop! AND we are now accepting entries for our Valentine's Day Customer Appreciation Gift Box Drawing! So be sure to take advantage of obtaining opportunities to WIN an awesome reward while accomplishing some "necessary" shopping for the sweeties in your life! 330 N. Sixth Street Suite 101. Website

10 reasons why you’ll find no better date than your furr-babe

Bought to you by Furry Face...A very cool dog and cat store - Incredible selection of anything and everything for Dogs and Cats. You've never seen a store like this! Dogs welcome!

  • Dogs are very happy watching chick flicks. Want to watch “The Notebook” one more time on Valentine’s Day? No problem. Your dog will happily cuddle up next to you on the sofa and tune in. Ok, he might fall asleep. But, he won’t be asking to watch Deliverance.
  • Dogs don’t care about your body type or size. Gained a few pounds over the holidays? Your dog doesn’t even notice. In fact, he might even be enjoying it if you are eating more than normal. That’s more opportunity for him to sneak in a few extra dropped morsels.
  • You don’t have to get dressed up. No makeup, no spending extra money on a new outfit. Heck, you don’t even have to shower.
  • You can stay home. In addition to not having to get dressed up, you don’t have to worry about reservations, parking, or waiting for a table.
  • You can have all the wine and chocolate, and you don’t have to feel guilty about not sharing.
  • Enjoy your food and be comforted by the caloric intake you are about to experience in a judgment-free liberal zone.
  • You can pick the music. And the movie. Even if it’s the same thing you watched last year.
  • No worries about proposing or having your hopes dashed at not being proposed to – you have the perfect soulmate.
  • There is no chance of an argument or poorly-chosen comment ruining the evening. However, there’s still a chance of a poorly-timed fart.
  • You’ve got the best cuddle buddy you could hope for, and they will still think you’re the greatest the next morning. They won’t leave unless they are currently on the hunt for a squirrel or chipmunk running around in your gutter outside.

Your pet’s whole world is about you and how you are doing. Could you imagine a human being THAT obsessed with you?

Finding your Valentine’s date is as easy as visiting your local shelter. Don’t have a date or a dog on Valentine’s Day? No problem. Visit your local animal shelter or rescue organization. There will always be a dog waiting for you, ready to go to his/ her forever home. Who knows? You might just be bringing home the love of your life.

SOURCE: Life with Dogs

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