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Dr. Watson on a Mission (Pediatrics)

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  • Written by: Deborah Rada Redlands Community News
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Dr. Timothy Watson is on a mission  –  to help both children and adults experience the rich history Redlands offers.  Dr. Watson, a Redlands resident, has finally completed the full restoration of his Victorian house on Vine Street – across from Smiley library – as his pediatric medical office.

The house, built in 1902, served as Redland’s first community hospital for 2 years before becoming a residence for 28 years. In 1932, The Associated Charities, later Redlands Family Services, supported Redlands families for 55 years.  The building briefly served as Redlands Parks and Recreation Department before Dr. Terry Vines purchased it for use as his dental office in 1992, it was briefly a law office, before Dr. Watson returned it to a patient care setting. The house won a Special Heritage Award in 1977 and Redlands Beautification Award in 2019.

Dr. Watson believes that understanding Redlands history enables residents to better decide the best path forward. The antique weathervane on the roof symbolizes looking to history for direction. The unusual citrus trees and antique smudge pots reflect the diversity and resilience of the Redlands people. The Victorian décor inside and costumes he wears while seeing patients help patients take a trip back in time.  With the help of local actors, Dr. Watson has created an audio tour to convey Redlands’ rich history --soon to go live. This tour can be accessed using QR codes positioned around the property near the Commemorative Plaque in the front yard by the sidewalk,

Dr. Watson is also re-inventing pediatric patients’ experience of medical care (ages birth to 22 years old).  Mission Pediatrics’ offices have twelve diverse providers that have been trained across the world and the United States --each uniquely gifted in delivering high quality pediatric care.  He believes good health includes not only the best, cutting edge technology, but also humor, creativity and beauty.  The Redlands, “Jenny Lind” office is filled with mysteries, from hidden apples in every room (an apple a day keeps the doctor away) to an “Avengers” themed room, --even a “secret escape room” in the attic.  If you are looking for a positive, pediatric health care experience, check out Mission Pediatrics.

Mission Pediatrics

114 W Vine St, Redlands, CA 92373

Phone: (951) 779-1670

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