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Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, Inc.

Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, Inc. has three areas of practice. We assist employers of any size in finding the right employee benefits to meet their budget. We help individuals and families who do not receive coverage through an employer find plans to meet their family’s needs, including Covered California. And, we assist those entering the wonderful world of retirement in finding the right plans to supplement their Medicare. Call us with questions or to get a quote at 909-792-5100 Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name. Health care in transition.

About Us

We, at Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services, want to assure our clients that our job is to simplify your healthcare needs. Whether you are an Employer looking to offer healthcare benefits to your employees or are in need of providing healthcare coverage to your family or family members, we are here to assist you.

Now, more than ever before, the issue of healthcare has been thrust into our everyday lives. For a lot of people, the more you hear about the issue of healthcare, the more complicated it appears to be. With more than thirty years experience in the health insurance field, our licensed Broker/Agents are proud to have established long lasting and trusted relationships with all of the major carriers throughout California and beyond. Whether you need coverage for employees, families, individuals, temporary or short term coverage, coverage for travel or abroad, Bernardini & Donovan Insurance Services has the answers to any questions you may have.

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There has been some misinformation being spread throughout the community on how consumers access the Covered California Exchange. There are going to be several options available to you. First, you will be able to go to the local welfare office and sign up if you qualify for subsidy. Second, if you currently have a relationship with an agent, and the agent elects to go to the training to become appointed to sell plans through the exchange, keep your agent, they will be able to help you. There have been members of the community stating that the welfare office is the only place you can sign up, and THAT IS ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. Here are some points to consider when choosing a consultant to provide you advice on your health insurance policy. Under the new healthcare law, two new positions have been created to assist consumers with purchasing their healthcare plan. There are assistors, and navigators. Assistors are not compensated, and will be used by community outreach groups and other sources to help consumers sign up. Navigators will be compensated, a yearly fee ranging from approximately $58 to $125. Lastly, there are professional health insurance agents. The consumer really needs to understand the difference between the three, and carefully consider their choice. Assistors and Navigators are only required to take a course, at this point it sounds like it will be a 3 day course, on the products offered by the exchange, to be able to assist or sell the products through the exchange. They CANNOT assist or sell any products outside the exchange. This means they are not able to give you all the options you have access too. They ARE NOT required to be licensed, and ARE NOT required to carry Errors and Omissions insurance. If they sell you the wrong plan, or misrepresent the benefits covered by the plan, be aware that they have no financial backing from an Errors and Omissions policy. Contrast this with a seasoned health insurance agent. Agents are required to be licensed, complete 24 hours of continuing education per year, and carry Errors and Omissions insurance. Agents typically represent all markets, which allow us to show you all of your options, and help you make your most informed decision. You do not pay any additional premium or fees to use an agent versus an Assistor, or Navigator. Agents are compensated by the insurance companies. We are paid a small percentage of the premium you pay to your insurer. We are here to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Contact us with no obligation anytime. 909-792-5100.