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Love Story Photography

Love Story Photography is a family owned portrait, wedding, and engagement studio located in Redlands. We’ve loved living here and being part of the community for 12 years, focusing on the fun, real images of you, and those closest to you. Beautiful, fun family sessions, breathtaking wedding photos, and romantic engagement sessions are what we do.

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Love Story Photography is run by Alan & Heidi Merrigan, madly in love and married for 23 years. We understand how important these meaningful events in your life are. We love what we do, capturing the joy, laughter, and intimacy that you’re sharing with you and your family!

We create a comfortable, fun and relaxed atmosphere for you. We believe when you’re having fun, your authentic self shines through, and your photos will be treasured forever. We focus on the details and are committed to wonderful images and an amazing experience for everyone.

We would love to share your journey and create stunning images that will become part of your family history. Contact us today and let's begin our creative adventure together!
Remember, your love is a beautiful story, and we’re here to help you tell it through awesome photos!