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Caravel Health DPC does health care differently! They are a family owned, small primary care family medicine office that aims to revive your confidence in your doctor and health care. Caravel Health DPC uses an affordable concierge-style model that removes the barriers between patients and doctors to provide BETTER CARE that SAVES MONEY. The model is called Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Highlights include unlimited, direct access to your doctor via text, call, or email, same day or next day appointments with no copays or visit fees, relaxed 30-60 minute visits, and transparent, honest billing. Save money and time on medications dispensed right from the clinic and blood work drawn right in the exam room. The Direct Primary Care model is rapidly growing as a more convenient, more personal, and more affordable way to obtain health care. As DPC grows in the Palm Desert area and Beach Cities region, Redlands is lucky to have Dr. Green and Caravel Health DPC bring the first Direct Primary Care clinic to our community!

Caravel Health DPC is also a great option for small businesses to provide outstanding, BETTER health care to their employees while simultaneously helping attract and retain quality employees, and SAVING the business money. Providing employees with Caravel Health DPC gives them the amazing health care they deserve while reducing hospitalizations, emergency room visits, urgent care visits, and claims against the policy.

Children 0-19 years old: $50/mo

Adults 20 and older: $100/mo