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McCune Law Group

Lawyer and attorney. McCune Law Group is the Inland Empire's leading trial firm for complex litigation matters, consumer protection rights, and personal injury/wrongful death claims. Redlands based attorneys and staff.

The attorneys of McCune Wright Arevalo, LLP have been making a significant difference in the Inland Empire for over 30 years. With this focus on our clients and our community, we have become the largest and most successful consumer firm based in the Inland Empire. While we have received dozens of multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements, been featured prominently in the national press with some of our cases, and have grown in size and influence while becoming a nationally respected firm, that is not what drives us. We know our past and future success is based on our unwavering focus on making a significant difference to every one of our clients.
Our Focus on Our Clients

For clients, this happens through obtaining compensation and justice without losing sight of the challenges caused by the wrongdoer. However, we know it is not just about money. Because we are based in, and are a part of the community, we provide a level of service that outside firms cannot provide. Our focus is on really getting to know and understand what our clients need, making sure they are regularly informed and part of the case, and always involved in the important decisions in the case. We are dedicated to not only the financial result, but in helping clients through the difficult process of obtaining fair and just compensation. Because we care about the whole client we have helped our clients enact laws, made sure impaired wrongdoers were appropriately punished, changed corporate policies, and forced the discontinuation of dangerous products through class actions to make sure what happened to our clients would not happen to other families.
Invested in Our Community

For the community, we have made a significant difference by giving our time to many non-profits, as well as financially contributing to many worthy Inland Empire causes – especially those that recognize the sacrifice made by armed servicemembers, firemen and women, and police officers to keep our community safe. We make a difference to the legal community by contributing our time and money to the courts, law schools, and mentoring young lawyers. We are also active in leadership in legal organizations to ensure the laws work for the consumers and small businesses in our community, not just powerful international corporations.

Our dedication to serving our clients and communities is in our DNA, and when Inland Empire clients have a complex and serious loss, they trust us to get the same or better result than a Los Angeles firm along with great local service that is necessary to truly restore their hope through justice.