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Redlands Ranch Market

Authentic Mexican kitchen, tortilleria, and bakery featuring daily made from scratch products. Daily fresh produce and butcher shop with great marinated meats! International foods and produce including Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, South / Central American, and Caribbean. Family owned in Redlands since 1996!

Fresh Produce, Hot tortillas, Authentic Mexican Food, International Foods, Bulk Foods, Butcher shop, Floral, Scratch Mexican Bakery, Cakes, International Produce, Check Cashing, Utility Payment Center.


Redlands Ranch Market.........Family owned in Redlands since 1996 and passionate about Authentically Prepared Foods. In our tortilleria we start by cooking corn (100% maiz) which is then ground and mixed into tortilla masa so that "soft warm" tortillas can be purchased throughout the day. This same attention to detail and "respect for tradition" carries over into our Cocina Mexicana and Panaderia as just doesn't get more authentic! While other retailers move to mass production commissaries, we are looking for ways to integrate our ever increasing variety of International ingredients into fresh foods that can be prepared traditionally.

Our recently added bulk food section features lentils, grains, rice, flours, and beans from around the world at extremely competitive prices. Redlands Ranch produce continues to be well received as we continue to expand our offering of fresh international fruits and vegetables. We buy local and organic only when it creates increased value which is why you will find it hard to beat our produce prices.

Our butcher shop staff will still "cut it the way you want it" and takes pride in offering marinated ready to grill meats that always satisfy! Taco Tuesday, Burrito Wednesday, and Sonoran Style Hot Dog Thursday are proof that there is always something exciting going on in our Authentic Mexican Kitchen! Stop by for lunch, pick up a chimichanga platter to go for your Friday night get together, or let us do the cooking "Street Taco Style" on site for your next event!

We value being part of the Redlands Community and appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

Independent and Ready to listen

Traditionally a food store that was not part of a large chain was categorized as "Independent". That suits us well being a small family owned business as we can move quickly to address changing customer needs. As we continue to develop Redlands Ranch we welcome your input. We are expanding our international bulk food offerings to provide an increasing variety of rice, lentils, beans, grains, flours, nuts, and dried fruit. If you have a suggestion please let us know and we will do our best to add it to our mix. We have a white board in our bulk foods area or just ask for David or another of our associates and let us know what product you would like us to add to our mix. Just last week we brought in our second International Dairy supplier. We have found these new suppliers to be a great source of high quality dairy products not normally found in a traditional grocery store.

Local source for your Mexican restaurant or catering business

Many local restaurants and catering businesses purchase our tortillas, chips, and salsas. Our products provide an authentic foundation to build great dishes. If you own a restaurant or catering business ask for David to get information on availability and pricing.

Satisfy the "foodie" in you

Ever watch a show on one of the food networks and get excited about a recipe only to discover that finding the ingredients is just too much trouble. We stock many of those hard to find ingredients.......and at competitive prices!

Sticking to the Basics

If you have been in our store I don't have to tell you that we are not a "gourmet upscale market". We are however passionate about great food and the ingredients that are used to make great food. More and more of the food you will find in our store has been around for a long long time. "Freekeh" is one example of an unexpected great basic food source. A quick internet search and you will discover an ingredient that can be dated back to 13th century recipe's. Freekeh is a roasted young green whole grain wheat that blows away most of today's so called "super foods". Great ingredients and foods have been with us from the beginning of time........come by and rediscover / discover some of them here at Redlands Ranch Market!

We Stand Out from the Rest

  • Largest International foods and products in the Redlands area: Turkish red pepper spreads, Thai Curries, Ghee, fresh pita and lavash, indian spices... the list goes on.
  • Fresh tortillas, chips, salsa, and hot deli meals DAILY
  • Meat department carries the largest marinated meats in the area: Carne Asada, beef, pork & chicken fajitas, etc...
  • Fresh produce- many unique items that can't be found in local stores.
  • Authentic Mexican Food
  • Bulk Foods
  • Floral
  • Scratch Mexican Bakery
  • Cakes
  • Check Cashing
  • Utility Payment Center