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10 Redlands Restaurants We Miss

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  • Written by: Toni Momberger Shoulder to Shoulder Communications
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Today, Redlands has become quite a destination in Southern California for food and drinks - I know I am proud for Redlands to be known for places like the State – but back in the '70s and '80s we didn't have as many choices and most of us drove to San Bernardino to eat or shop (or go to the movies).

What we did have was either really good or is sentimental for us.

Here are 10 eateries that make us long-timers nostalgic:

  1. Gay 90s

    Gay 90s

    This pizza parlor and bar was the inspiration for the hit sitcom “Cheers,” because the show’s creators used to hang out here when they were students at the University of Redlands.

    Redlanders remember Gays for being innovative enough to start putting cashews on a pizza.

    Photo Credit: Redlands Makio

  2. Phil’s English Pub

    Phil’s English Pub

    Phil’s was the hangout for celebrities when movies were shot in Redlands, and that includes Nancy Reagan, who was an actress in a movie shot at the Morey Mansion.

    Steak and a stein of beer, anyone?

  3. Cask 'n Cleaver

    Cask 'n Cleaver

    Cask took over where Tod’s diner once stood. Now there’s an IHOP there.

    This place was famous for steaks and for their corn chowder, but when they moved out of their wine-cask themed building into the former Harry C’s modern place, it just wasn’t the same, and they closed.

  4. El Gato Gordo

    El Gato Gordo

    This Mexican restaurant and Cantina was hopping in the 1980s.

    Their fresh chips and salsa were delicious, and the dance floor in the bar was always packed.

  5. The Railroader

    The Railroader

    The Railroader was a restaurant inside an old train, with the caboose available for children to climb around on. It sat right next to the tracks behind Marie Callender’s. The kids’ menus doubled as engineer hats.

  6. Marie Callenders

    Marie Callenders

    Though this is a chain, and like Cask ‘n Cleaver, is still thriving in Riverside, we miss ours. It was a great place for lunch, meetings and especially pie.

    Marie’s in Redlands closed without warning a few years ago.

  7. Griswolds


    This smorgasbord off the 10 Freeway is the subject of many Redlanders’ fond childhood memories.

    How many of you went for brunch after church?

  8. Sage's


    This traditional American diner off of the market that later became Lucky’s and then Albertson’s was known for it’s fresh strawberry pies.

    Several Redlanders will tell you about running into celebrities like Danny Thomas there, picking up pies on the way to Palm Springs.

  9. Kay's Cafe

    Kay's Cafe

    This used to be the place for breakfast back in the day. Everything was just the right amount of greasy.

    Kay’s, where Banned Board Shop is now, famously stood in solidarity with the movement to keep the Indian peace sign on the Deming Building across the street. It ultimately was hidden under a sign, because its mirror image is a swastika.

    Photo Credit: Redlands Daily Facts

  10. Joe Greensleeves

    Joe Greensleeves

    Until a tragic fire caused the demise of this fine dining favorite, many considered Joe Greensleeves the best restaurant in town. Their soup of two soups and filet burger could not be rivaled.

    There is a new tenant in the building, but rumors that Joe Greensleeves is re-opening are untrue. We will always miss this gem.

    The brand-new restaurant, under a similar name, is bringing new flavor to our hometown that promises to stimulate our tastebuds. We look forward to sampling the menu soon.

Thankfully, not all the good restaurants are gone

Luckily, there are still numerous great restaurants in Redlands where you can grab a bite or enjoy a leisurely meal. Discover them here.

You can also browse our list of 28 Redlands restaurants and pubs – curated by Redlanders like you and me.

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