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Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness

UKB offers Cardio Kickboxing / Heavy Bags, Kettlebell training & classes, Core Interval class (BootCamp style) . Sculpting classes for defining and toning muscles, Ropes and Resistance training class,and more.

At Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness, you will experience the ultimate workout in both cardiovascular and strength training. Established originally as a kickboxing/MMA training facility, our 3,800 square foot facility has evolved into the most superior aerobic kickboxing studio in the Inland Empire since 1998. Our facility offers the resistance of 150 lb. punching bags in a large group setting. Our upbeat instructors will guide you through a series of punches and kicks choreographed to music and/or timed circuits. These unique 1-hour group classes will immediately get you sweating and burning calories. Our non-competitive cardio kickboxing style provides an intense and gratifying training session.

Ultimate Kickboxing & Fitness offers a wide variety of classes, including cardio kickboxing, HIIT, yoga, kettlebells, and more! Head to their website to book your first class.