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Compassion Rocks Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry, Est. 2018. Retail. Wholesale. Ethical Lasting Fashion. Located inside Ixchel Triangle in DTR.

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Compassion Rocks

is a company focused on giving back to victims of violent crimes across the nation. This stems from my personal experience.

Hello, my name is Carey Rocha and I'm the owner and maker of Compassion Rocks. In 2010, I was brutally assaulted which resulted in severe injuries. During this time, I didn't have any medical insurance. I was only able to pay the $30,000 in medical bills because Victims of Crime helped me.

In 2016, I started wearing semi precious stones to help with the anxiety induced from the blunt force trauma I suffered. Boy Oh boy it helped! In 2017, The "Humphries Decision" (my maiden name) had become case law in Nevada, which helps assaulted victims. By 2018, I know I needed to do more and give back, so I listened to God and began this give back journey.

Compassion Rocks allows me to work with stones that calm my anxiety. The beauty of these stones speak for themselves. With every purchase made, I will donate a portion of the profits to Victims of Crime.

There is a violent crime every 1.5 seconds, at this very second there is someone being violently assaulted. OUR donations will be aiding those victims. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your compassion!

You Rock!