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The Blues Estate Store

The Blues Estate/Vintage clothing Store is located in downtown Redlands. Jo & Kevin Walsh have been in business for over 20 years. They started off in 1992 on 6th street around the corner in a 600 sq ft hole in the wall. They started buying and selling used Levi’s.

Categories: Vintage

Today we are located at 114 E. State Street in a 4,400 sq ft building filled with Levi’s, vintage clothing, antiques, collectable, electronics, paintings and much more. We have a great selection of trendy items such as nostalgic posters, body jewelry, hair dye, costumes, and etc. We also carry afro wigs and costume items all year long.

The Blues Estate Store Specializes in purchasing estates and reselling the items in the store. We purchase one item, a truck load or even a house full. If your moving, selling a home, down sizing, having a estate sale or garage sale you can call The Blues for a quote. We also work with Attorneys and Real Estate agents to do Clean Outs. We will clear out all the furniture and the belongings including the trash. If you have a nice piece of furniture, some fine art, or something special, give us a call! We'll buy it from you or we can offer the option of consignments.

The Blues is a family owned business! We are “hands-on” and are involved with the customers and products. Redlands has been very good to Us and the business has built a great reputation in the industry. Redlands is a community that recognizes hard work and appreciates a good bargain.