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David O'Hara - Real Estate & Mortgage Broker

David is a home loan broker, and he is a stand-out in his field.

He has a degree in economics, has had a real estate brokerage for 20 years, and for 18 years has taught mortgage brokers about loan programs. Not only has David been assisting brokers with setting up mortgage offices, he has been training their staff, assisting with their files, educating on radio, and conducting weekly webinars on the ever changing world of loan programs.

His integrity is the core of his work. David never puts personal financial benefit ahead of relationships or service, and would walk away from any situation before compromising his ethics.

First-time home buyers, reverse mortgages and re-financing are his specialties. He welcomes ALL calls. If he can't help you, he will direct you to a professional he trusts to serve you well.

Give him a call: 909-376-8399