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Redlands Rover Ranch

Redlands Rover Ranch is a cage free doggy daycare, boarding and dog training pet resort. Look for our van "The Wag Wagon in your neighborhood. We let the dogs out and teach them to be good neighbors.



All cage free play, all day. All Play Groups have human supervision in the yard at all times. Our staff is trained by SUE STEVENSON FEENSTRA, K-9 Behaviorist and Trainer. Daycare is available every day of the year including weekends and holidays. Door to Door Wag Wagon service available to most areas. $7.50 fee Monday-Sunday for Redlands. Yucaipa, Loma Linda. $12.50 Highland, Calimesa, Beaumont.

Curbside Valet drop off and pick up available Monday-Friday and weekends. Confirmed appointment required for all Daycare Guests. Go to the GET STARTED page for more details. For prices click here $

WAG WAGON picks up between 5:30 AM-9:30AM and drop off is 4:00 PM-7:00 PM Monday-Friday. No WAG WAGON service on holidays.

CURBSIDE VALET is 6:00 AM-10:00 AM and 3:00-7:00 PM Monday-Friday. 7:00-10:00 AM and 3:00-6:00 PM weekends


Guests at ROVER RANCH can enjoy a refreshing bath in our refurbished vintage Silver Streak Trailer. The Silver Streak Spa has it's own private yard, deck and lounge. It's a unique bathing experience. Once your pup is sparkling clean, he can stay that way and not be locked in cage.



Sue Stevenson Feenstra is a Dog Trainer and K9 Behaviorist with many years of experience and hundreds of happy clients. All ROVER RANCH staff is trained by Sue. Not only will your dog have a great experience socializing with his K9 companions, he will learn good behavior from his human companions. Dogs visiting ROVER RANCH are directed to not jump on staff members, respect boundaries and not bark excessivley. This is the rule for all guests. Not just dogs enrolled in training programs. For details about training at ROVER RANCH please visit Training.

A Casita Designed for Cats

The PURRFECT place for your cat to be a cat.

  • What does your cat like to do ?
  • Lounge in the sun ?
  • Watch birds or maybe lizards ?
  • Hide out ?
  • Take a catnap in a safe cozy place ?

Kitty Casita has the ideal setting. The Kitty Casita has a guest house "Casita" with climate control and places to hide out for a cat nap. Kitty Casita has a patio that attaches to a screened in outside space with platforms and tree branches to soak up the sun. Lots of windows with perches are available for bird and lizard watching. The Kitty Casita has a double door entry so cats can not venture out when doors are opened by their human companions.


  • OPEN all days of the year for our guests 5:30 am - 7:00 Pm.


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  • Redlands, CA 92373


15 Reviews

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Elizabeth Abbinante said on Aug 29, 2017

I love this place, highly recommend for you.


Geneva Lucas said on Aug 25, 2016

My dog stayed there for a few days. Really nice people.


Lisa Harrison said on Apr 30, 2016

Our dog loves Rover Ranch!


Evelyn Lynn Lefler-Caruso said on Nov 10, 2015

Did dog training with Sue....she is amazing !


Becky Trapp said on Jul 24, 2015

Woo hoo we lUV Rover Ranch ... Sugerbear loves it too!


Charles said on Jul 22, 2015

I am so grateful to have found Redlands Rover Ranch for my two dogs. Sue picks them up every Thursday and takes them to socialize with the others dogs. When I want them bathed all I do is ask and they bathe and brush them upon returning home. When I am unable to get home, as a result of business meeting, I call Sue and she picks the dogs up, keeps them over night, and then brings them back the next day. This service has been a tremendous asset.


Lauren said on Apr 10, 2015

What did you do to my dogs? They are so well behaved!


Elizabeth Abbinante said on Jan 21, 2015

Love Sue, she is amazing with our furr baby! Highly recommend.


Lisa Harrison said on Oct 15, 2014

She is great with animals! My puppy gets soooo excited when she comes to pick her up.


Gloria Schroeder said on Sep 25, 2014

My little 8 yr, 6 lb Brussels, Mia PiaPrincess, stayed for 9 days while I was in Hawaii and was very happy.


Anne Gardner said on Sep 24, 2014

Chloe' goes here! She loves it so much, and gets to run around FREE for 8 hours, 3 X a week. What more could our babies ask for?


Susan Schneider said on Sep 24, 2014

Love Redlands Rover Ranch! So does Sophi!


Jason Agre said on Jun 19, 2014

Our Zuma loves it!! They are so great there!! It is the nicest facility we have been to. She comes back fully exhausted!!!!


Genee McMahon said on Jun 19, 2014

We love, love, LOVE Rover Ranch! They are so prompt on pick up and drop off, send videos to. For us to see how our dog is settling in and she is totally exhausted when she gets home! Worth every penny!


Mindy Sames said on Jun 18, 2014

The Great Dane has gone there when he needs to be out of the way for a lot of visitors in our house. It gives him a day of play, and me a worry-free day with guests that may not want a dog sniffing them. He sleeps like a log when he gets home. Inexpensive day for both of us. Check them out!

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