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Olive Ave. Market

Coffees, homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, & pastries. specialty teas, retro sodas, eclectic beers, flavored olive oils.... Brunch served on weekends 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM (Phone orders end at 12:00 PM).

The History of Olive Avenue Market

Built in 1924, the Olive Avenue Market was one of nearly fifteen neighborhood grocery stores at the time. The market had a brief state of historical and architectural significance. Arthur M. Nolder built the market and launched one of the biggest political controversies in the history of Redlands. Several city fathers called the stucco store beautiful but were answered by concerned citizens who were upset by over-commercialization. The controversy led to the creation of a planning commission and zoning plans. The Olive Avenue Market was also home to one of the first Stater Brothers markets, from 1939-1974 as Stater Complete Food Market owned and operated by Leo and Laboy Stater.

About Olive Avenue Market Today

In 2002, the market was purchased and extensively renovated to become a specialty food store. Design and construction was done in conjunction with Steve Crane of Crane Construction. Prior to completion, the Olive Avenue Market suffered from a damaging fire caused by spontaneous combustion due to wood staining. This delayed the opening by almost one year. The Olive Avenue Market officially opened its doors on October 27, 2003 as a specialty food store. With an incredible amount of support from the neighborhood and community, the Olive Avenue Market has become a new tradition. The Olive Avenue Market offers a daily selection of salads and sandwiches featuring gourmet products sold in store as well as all-inclusive picnics for the summer.

Currently owned and operated by the Sonya Rozzi, Missy Van Zeyl and Amber Wallick families, all residents of Redlands, the Olive Avenue Market presents an opportunity to experience Specialty Foods in a friendly neighborhood atmosphere. We carry a variety of products including a distinctive wine selection, microbrews, retro-sodas and candies, artisan cheeses, fresh produce, delectable pastries, exclusive frozen custards and ice creams and many other gourmet foods, alongside one-of-kind gift items. We prepare sandwiches, salads and side dishes daily and offer homemade hot dinners To Go Tuesday through Friday evenings. On weekends we cook made-to-order Brunch items served on a To Go basis. Fresh baked goods are also standard on the weekends. At our coffee bar we brew up a great $1.00 Cup-o-Joe alongside fancy espresso drinks served hot or cold, iced tea, lemonade and Italian soda drinks are our specialties. Let us help you put together a gift basket and or a picnic lunch or dinner. Drop by and visit us at the Olive Avenue Market where you’ll find a unique combination of a boutique, neighborhood cafe and gourmet kitchen.