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Voted Best Chiropractor and Best Alternative Medicine Center by LA Times. At Active Life Chiropractic and The Wellness Loft, our chiropractors, Dr. Dale Andelkovic is committed to your health! Our mission is to help as many people as possible live healthier lives, especially children. Our focus on families and kids is consistent with our purpose of drastically improving the health of our community through natural and holistic means. We serve Redlands (92373 and 92374) and surrounding cities including Highland, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, San Bernardino and more!



Dr. Dale Andelkovic became a chiropractor because of his passion for helping others live healthier lives. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and has since undergone extensive postgraduate training. He is certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to work with pregnant mothers, babies and children of all ages.

He is also trained in a variety of gentle techniques that allow him to give anyone a safe and effective adjustment. Dr. Dale has built one of the leading family wellness centers in the community which is active in international chiropractic research. He works closely with other holistic health care providers including MD's, midwives, and acupuncturists. He is also a proud father of three children who were born at home and have been adjusted since birth. He is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with his family and empowering others to do the same.


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James said on Jul 25, 2018

My son has been coming to Active Life Chiropractic for 3 months now and I am so excited to share his amazing results. My husband and I brought our son James to Active Life to treat him for, what we believe to have been, Tourette's Syndrome.

At age 7, James started to make strange noises that sounded a lot like he was gasping for air. I took him to his pediatrician, suspecting asthma, only to be told that James was experiencing some involuntary vocal tics, he was not asthmatic. He told me this was common in boys James' age, and that he would outgrow it.

But over the next few months the tics progressed in frequency and changed to a high-pitched groan. They became so bad that James couldn't finish a sentence without a tic interrupting every few words. It wasn't long before the motor tics started along too. The motor tics occurred in his face, which would randomly contract and twitch as if he had eaten something very sour. Feeling frustrated, I did some research on the internet (looking up causes of motor and vocal tics) which generated some links on Tourette's Syndrome.

When I read the signs and symptoms I truly felt like they were describing James to a 'T". Through my research I learned that Tourette's is a Nervous System disorder with no medicinal treatment, but I happened to see a testimonial by someone who had sought chiropractic care to her her child. I figured it was worth a try.

I found Active Life through the ICPA and met with Dr. Dale and Dr. Ly (both who I liked immediately). After a thorough exam, James began his treatment plan (3x a week for the first month). The first 2 weeks were a little frustrating as it seemed James' tics were worse, but after 1 month, James' tics had decreased significantly, and now, 3 months later, his tics are non-existent.

Our experience here has been nothing short of phenomenal and I can't begin to thank Dr. Dale and Dr. Ly enough for their amazing work. You guys are the BEST!!!


Michael Hobbs said on Feb 23, 2017

I have been going to Active Life for almost one year. When I first started going there, I walked using a walker. Now I can walk not using any assistance. Dr Dale and Dr Ly are very professional and capable chiropractors in addition to being nice people. Kayla is also very nice and very professional. I would recommend this business to my family and friends.


Kelly Serra said on Jan 19, 2017

I highly recommend Active Life Chiropractic! Dr. Ly is a very caring and skilled chiropractor. If you go to Active Life Chiropractic, you will be in great hands!

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