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We are a full service, private practice psychotherapy office. Our therapists love helping you find the solutions to your current struggles. We work with individuals, couples and families. Teen through late adulthood. If you've been thinking about working with someone - please give us a call. We look forward to helping you feel your best! Spotlight on Dr. Lowenthal

18 E State #206 Redlands, CA 92373


6 Signs of Suicide You Shouldn't Ignore

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students; Approximately 22 veterans die from suicide every day. Dentists, physicians and lawyers are among the professions with disproportionately high rates of suicide. Gay youth are said to be three times more likely to die by suicide than heterosexual youth. Between 30 and 45 percent of trans people attempt suicide at some point in their lives.

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9 Shocking Statistics About LGBTQIA Youth

Americans are becoming more accepting in their views of LGBT people and homosexuality in general. Perhaps as a result of this growing acceptance, the number of people who identify as LGBT in surveys is also rising. About 10 million people, or 4.1 percent of the U.S. adult population, identified as LGBT in 2016, according to the latest estimates from Gallup.

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Five Myths About Mental Health

Therapy should not be a scary word but because of society’s stigmas about mental health, it continues to keep people from taking care of themselves.

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Helpful Holiday Tips to Keep You Mentally Healthy

Okay here is some Helpful Holiday Tips to Keep You Mentally Healthy: As the holidays draw closer, many of us feel anxious or concerned about extended time with family. We often participate in family gatherings that can cause friction or discomfort. If this is you - here are a few tips to help keep your sanity in difficult situations.

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Regular negativity will take a toll on your health

In Redlands, as in many small communities, we are simultaneously lucky and susceptible to the damage negativity can do, because passion for our city runs deep, which can be a great benefit, but also can create difficult dialogue.

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Hearing: ‘I’m gay’ (or lesbian, bisexual or transgender)

I urge parents to remember their child came to them and shared this very important piece of information, which is not to be taken lightly.

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Help for the hectic holiday season

There’s a chill in the air, the sky becomes dark earlier, and Christmas decorations have been on display in department stores since September. Some days, things feel quiet, even peaceful, but then suddenly it feels like we are hurtling toward the holidays at the speed of light.

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How to talk politics with friends and family

I recently felt bold and asked a family member for an opinion on a particular candidate. I thought my relative might be in support of a candidate, the support of whom completely astounds me.

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How to set clear-cut boundaries in dysfunctional family relationships

Over the years, I have noticed themes in the content that clients bring in to sessions. One month my staff and I might work with many clients on similar issues. Perhaps many people experience break-ups one month while another month may seem to focus on grief. Lately, several adult clients have wanted to discuss boundary setting in problematic relationships with family.

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Reduce stress of being your parent’s caregiver

Caring for an aging parent is a privileged, yet daunting task. Many of us are facing the challenge of assuming the role of caregiver to those who once cared for us.

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Get to know your neighbor, make a new friend

If you were asked to think of the important people in your life, who would come to mind? Probably your parents, siblings, friends, spouse, children, etc. But what about your neighbors?

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Shrink Rap: Finding balance

We need balance. How many times have you heard that lately? I know it’s been running through my head for weeks now.

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Shrink Rap: Suicidal people think there aren’t options

It has been said that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The difficulty with this statement is that for those feeling suicidal, their concerns or struggles feel anything but temporary.

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