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About Redlands' Best Dad Contest Winners

Child Friendly 06/22/21 at 08:00 AM

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Raymond Guerrero

"My husband is the most amazing father! He is also the most generous and hardworking man I know! He donated his kidney for me to not have to wait as long on the transplant list. He then went through 8 weeks of training so that he could do my dialysis treatments for me. So I am able to do my dialysis treatments at home now and he does everything from putting the needles in to documenting all of the medical records. He also helps me take care of our twin 2 year old boys. Takes them on adventures and teaches them how to do things like cooking and putting on their shoes. Everything that growing boys need to learn.. They are big time daddy's boys! And he does all of this while working a full time job as an armed security officer. Not only that but he is constantly helping anyone in need as he can. There was a woman in a broken down car with her 4 children the other day and he went and bought gas and brought it back to her. This was at 3 in the morning after he had just finished a 12 hour shift! My husband has just the most amazing heart and wishes he could help everyone. He is always putting everyone above himself and I would love for him to see how much he is appreciated! Thank you!" Stephanie

Our runners-up are…
1. Chelsea Fry’s entry for her husband, David.
2. Lynette Hickman’s entry for her son, Chase.


Winner Receives


The two runners-up will each receive grazing boxes complimentary of Boards by Kenn, $50 Clarks' Nutrition Gift Card, and a $25 Batter Rebellion Gift Card.


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