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Seated Qi-Gong

HOPE Therapeutic Wellness Studio 214 E. Olive Ave. Redlands
Mon, Aug 17 at 06:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar
Mon, Sep 07 at 06:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar
Mon, Sep 28 at 06:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar

Seated Qigong Made Easy with Matt Mintz, C. Ht., CADC-I Limited seated to provide a safe atmosphere for all, social distancing appropriate! Please reserve your spot. $10 Most (if not all) of the movements can be done seated. Beginners are very welcome! Qigong will help you shield yourself from toxic energy, fill you up with healthy and energy and keep it flowing. Matt has been practicing and teaching the Chinese moving meditation called Qigong for over a decade. Qigong is a close relative to Tai-Chi. It is an ancient set of exercises designed to wash the internal body thereby clearing the energy channels from blockages and strengthening the internal organs and Qi or energy. Here’s what Qigong will give you: Peace and serenity A physical connection with your Higher Power (called Direct Prayer) Increased flexibility and fewer injuries (Matt cured his own Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Qigong alone) The magical feel of your life force as it flows through your hands Matt has made it easy-to-learn, intensely effective and, most of all, FUN!. He has learned a multitude of poses over the years. And thrown out most of them! He will ONLY teach you the ones that are powerful, effective and easy-to-learn.

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  • Monday, August 17 at 6-715 PM, (every 3rd Monday PM)

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