Come Full Circle: Drums & Sand Tray

HOPE Studio: Tennessee Plaza, 414 Tennessee St, Space Y, Redlands
Sat, Aug 31 at 01:00 PM + Add to Your Calendar

What’s in a circle? A new beginning, a better understanding about an ending, a different perspective? Get intimate with your story when you create a sphere shaped personal Sand Tray, then have a blast learning to “play” some of the rhythms within it in a therapeutic drum circle. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, just a willingness to self-examine with an open spirit.

What is SAND TRAY? Sand Tray is a non-verbal therapeutic process using miniature figurines and a base tray filled with sand. Participants express themselves by choosing and placing items that resonate for them accordingly and discuss the personal meaning of the resulting creation. What is a therapeutic Drum Circle? We use drums like a tarot reader uses cards, as guides to your own personal wisdom. I will teach you how to use the drums and have fun with different rhythms, no rhythm or experience necessary, come as you are, leave closer to yourself. This isn’t a music lesson, it’s for anyone who wants to understand themselves at a deeper level.

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  • Saturday, August 31, 2019 1-3 PM

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