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Tennessee Gardens

Event center for all your special occasions. Beautiful Garden seating 250 guests. Indoor banquet hall seating 100 guests. We offer special packages for showers and birthday parties. Weddings, receptions, and all party needs. Venue up to 250.

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Full service wedding venue location in beautiful Redlands, California. Complete on-site services including florist, bakery, ceremony site, reception, DJ, professional coordination, catering and more. Located in the heart of Southern California near Riverside, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario.

The perfect event center for all your special occasions.

  • Beautiful Garden seating 250 guests

  • Indoor banquet hall seating 100 guests

  • Covered banquet space seating for 200

We offer special packages for showers and birthday parties.

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On Premise Bakery- Michelle's Bakery

Michelle's has been serving the Inland Empire for over 20 years. Our cake designs range from simple elegance to elaborate and flamboyant. Being a custom bakery, we can take a design you like and create a cake that is the perfect show piece for your special day. We use fresh ingredients and our cakes are made daily to ensure superb taste and quality.

Michelle's is the original creator of the Raspberry & Strawberry Victorian (est. 1978).

Michelle's has been the recipient of numerous awards including, "Best Pastry Chef" six years running by the Inland Empire Magazine, and "Chocolate of the Year", eight years running. Michelle's is known for creating confectionary masterpieces for all occasions and our award winning desserts are sure to tantalize even the most discriminating palates. We offer a variety of decorating options such as: traditional frosting, whip cream, white chocolate, and elegant fondant.

Click here to view a list of our European and Cheese Cakes as well as our Desserts and Flavors. You can mix and match any of the flavors to create the cake you wish. If you don't see what you'd like, just ask. We also have seasonal items such as Challah bread, hot crossed buns, as well as others.


7 days weeks


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  • Tennessee Gardens
  • 619 Tennessee Street
  • Redlands, CA 92374


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Crystal Martinez said on Feb 10, 2018

Michelle was amazing the whole way through. She had everything in house all the way down to centerpieces. The bakery and the flower shop all on the same property definitely eliminated the need for a wedding coordinator.


Valarie Maggiano said on Oct 1, 2014

My brother and his wife just got married there this weekend. It's was so beautiful! !


Jamie Salazar said on Oct 1, 2014

Highly recommend the BAKERY and Venue.... it was very BEAUTIFUL For my special day


Marina Chavez said on Feb 23, 2014

My daughters wedding was there, it's a hidden oasis in back of Michelle's cakes which I may add try her chocolate raspberry cakes to die for well worth it yummy, very nice there.


Stephanie said on Oct 17, 2012

I don't know how anyone could write a bad review about Michelle's Bakery in Redlands, CA. On a recent visit to Michelle's to taste some of their cakes for my upcoming wedding, my daughters and I were greeted by a lovely, friendly lady named Cecelia. She was so sweet and very helpful and her soft, German accent was charming. Cecelia is Michelle's mother and a real asset to the bakery. She was generous with her knowledge about wedding cakes and cakes in general. The generously sized cake samples were served with a smile and all of our questions were answered in the same manner.

Before driving to Michelle's, we read some not so good reviews about certain employees and the customer service overall, but we decided to check it out for ourselves anyway. I am so glad we did because every type of cake we sampled was moist, flavorful and simply the most delicious cakes we had ever tasted! We loved the cake samples and we loved Cecelia! We hired Michelle's right then and there. Thank you Cecelia and Michelle's Bakery, I can't wait to see and have a slice of my wedding cake.

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