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Fox Dance Studio

Expert Instruction, Affordable Prices, Fun Environment! Private and Group lessons in Salsa, Swing, Ballroom, and Latin Dances!


About Fox Dance Studio

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Our Team

Fox Dance Studio has two main points to its overall philosophy: quality teaching and treating people as we would like to be treated. Truly believing in this philosophy, and implementing it, has allowed for Fox Dance Studio to be blessed with a wonderful group of instructors and students. Fox Dance Corporation was created from the ground up by Kerry Emerson and Kyle Cummings in March of 2007 doing business as Shake It Up Dance Studio. With two months of hand-built renovation by Kerry, Kyle, and their entire group of family and friends, Shake It Up opened it's doors to quality teaching in May of 2007. Fox Dance Corporation grew ever since its foundation and in 2012 the tradename "Shake It Up" was sold to Disney Corporation; at this time Fox Dance Corporation began to also do business as Fox Dance Studio. The Fox Dance Studio family of students has grown steadily year-after-year, allowing us to build our group of professional instructors steadily. Not only does Fox Dance Studio believe in treating its students with the utmost respect and care, it also believes in treating it's instructors with care, respect, and professionalism. With this in mind, we feel that we continue to build a very strong team of caring professionals for our students. Whether you're a brand new student who's never danced before, or you have years of experience, it is our goal that all of our students feel as though they are openly welcomed by our entire team to the Fox Dance Studio family.

Saturday Night Dancing 8-10:30pm

Saturday Dance Nights:

  • Dancers of ALL levels welcome! No partner required. Dance with us, meet new people, enjoy refreshments & have a blast!
  • $5/person
  • Introduction lesson to two dances is taught each Saturday night from 7pm & 7:30pm, and then social dance from 8:30-10:30pm.


Studio Hours:

  • Sunday: By appointment
  • Monday-Thursday: 1-10pm
  • Friday: By appointment
  • Saturday: 8pm-10:30pm


Get Directions
  • Fox Dance Studio
  • 330 Alabama St Suite H
  • Redlands, CA 92373


12 Reviews

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Jamie Tormena said on Oct 23, 2018

My review is both business and pleasure. I have had the distinct honor of not only working with Fox Dance Studio by being one of their dance photographers but also by taking dance lessons here. Thru the photography, I have met every single one of the dancers and staff. I have to say that the level of professionalism, sincerity, and kindness is unparalleled. I have always felt welcome and like part of the family even though I am an outside freelance photographer. As a dance student, I was honestly scared to take my first session. I am uncoordinated and have had medical issues that cause me trouble using my right arm. My instructor not only eased my anxiety but helped mold a lesson around my own abilities. She was so focused on helping me that I felt like her only client that day. What a special feeling! Because of my many interactions, I have to say that this is a truly special place. So special that I plan on having my wedding dance choreography created and taught here!


Gretchen Smith said on Jun 4, 2018

Fox dance studio is a wonderful place to learn to dance. I recommend Germaine as an instructor. You will have a great time, he knows his stuff and he will not do you wrong.


Asheley Aleria said on Jan 29, 2017

The studio is gorgeous! The instructors are amazing, and they have so many fun events! Whether your preparing for your wedding dance, always wanted to learn salsa, or just want to have a fun date night Fox is the place to go! Hands down the best studio around!


Cheryl said on May 19, 2016

We had taken lesson there for our wedding. Allison was our instructor she was simply Amazing . Totally recommend Fox Dance.


Ron said on Jun 20, 2014

Took my first dance lesson, the country two-step, from Bailey and she was AMAZING!!! It was unexpectedly FUN. I thought it would be so difficult as I'm terribly uncoordinated. Thank you!! We are coming back next week.


Emerald Ball said on May 7, 2013

The results from Emerald Ball are in!! 24 1ST Places, 41 2ND Places, 35 3RD Places, 39 4TH Places, 27 5TH Places, 18 6TH Places, and 45 Callbacks!! Way to go team!


Gordon said on Feb 20, 2013

I get so busy at work that I decided to find a creative outlet. Fox Dance Studio to the rescue! I took a couple group ballroom dance classes in college but always wanted to try it again, so I went hard core and signed up for private lessons. My instructor is Bailey, and she's pretty awesome. She and the rest of the studio staff have been super nice and very professional. They are always friendly, approachable, and nonjudgmental to my klutzy ways.

Private lessons are the most ideal way to tackle ballroom dancing, but they get pretty pricey. I'm also enrolled in a group lesson for West Coast Swing and that's pretty cool too. You'll learn some basic moves during the six weeks but if you really want to perfect your technique, I recommend the private lessons. They work best for me because my job does not always let me have a consistent free time slot the same night every week for group lessons. Plus, I learn faster with private lessons. However, I know mostly for financial limits they are not for everybody.

The social dance nights on Saturdays are pretty fun. I took a friend with me and the instructors were so nice to her, even approaching her when we were sitting, offering to teach some basic steps. There is a group lesson from 8-8:30 before everyone starts dancing the night away.

Overall: Great dance studio with an awesome, professional staff. Everyone here is friendly, approachable, and nonjudgmental with your skill level. They are always so encouraging.


lucy sanders said on Sep 13, 2012

Have a friend, we both can't dance, but love to dance. She started dance lessons at the Fox Dance Studio, she transformed her posture and lost inches everywhere and toned up. One year later she is preforming and looks amazing. After seeing her amazing transformation I started taking lessons. I loved it!!! I can't wait to go back. We learned Latin, Swing, Ballroom, and Country. Cowboy Cha Cha and group classes are my favorites,all ages welcome come and join us! Need dance partners,fun fun fun slim down and tone up.


JT said on Aug 3, 2011

Until recently I lived in Chicago, and a summer staple was Chicago Summer Dance (go ahead, google it). It's hard to find social dancing that matches with that.

That being said, my wife and I had a wonderful time at the Saturday night lesson and open dance. Shake It Up offers an hour-long group lesson from 8 to 9, then social dance from 9-11. It's $10 per person, and when you do the math, that's the same as a movie ticket. Movies are great and all, but we wanted to have fun and look at each other on our night out, not stare at a screen. Lemonade and yummy cookies are provided. Single men would especially have fun here, the ratio was about 60/40 girls to guys. Instruction was great, beginner-friendly, and professional.

First timers get in for free - how cool is that!


Leslie said on May 10, 2011

I love this place, give me more! Affordable prices, friendly staff, nothing bad to say!


James said on May 10, 2011

This place Rocks! Staff is so friendly at first its like almost too good to be true, but the funny thing is....ITS NOT! The owners are young, energetic, happy married couple, which is awesome to see! Keep up the good work! Best dance studio in the Inland Empire! Forget that Arthur Murray crap place, I will never go back to that place again!


DJ Eulette said on Mar 1, 2010

Shake It Up Dance Studio is very professional. They treat every person that walks through the door as if they were their only customer. If you have never stepped foot on the dance floor and might be a little shy or embarrassed that you don't know how to dance, this is the perfect place to learn. They deal with each student with the utmost of respect. I know all this because I am one of their students. Learning to Ballroom Dance has been more fun than I ever thought it would be.
Where else can you go where there's a coffee shop right inside the dance studio?

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