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Laura's Travel Service, Inc.

Laura's Travel Service, Inc. has been a viable player in the travel industry since 1970. This locally owned and operated business focuses on delivering excellent customer service. The owners are active and visible in community activities as well as being involved in a rapidly changing industry.

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Laura's Travel Service, Inc. has been a viable player in the travel industry since 1970. This locally owned and operated business focuses on delivering excellent customer service. The owners are active and visible in community activities as well as being involved in a rapidly changing industry.

The management and staff of Laura's Travel Service, Inc. are extremely
knowledgeable and professional. Many of the agents have been in the travel industry for over 20 years. The staff, facilities and sophisticated automation systems enable these travel consultants to provide clients with the best information to select, plan and enjoy a memorable travel experience. Detailed information will be provided to supplement travel arrangements for many cities that include restaurant suggestions, optional sightseeing opportunities, locations of museums, shopping suggestions, as well as transportation options available in a city.

Our hope is to send you informed and prepared for a fabulous vacation.

If you require business travel arrangements, our agents are prepared to assist in booking hotel accommodations, limousine transfers, car rentals and theatre arrangements, as well as air travel.

Be assured Laura's Travel Service, Inc will continue to stay alert to changes as they effect their traveling clients.


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Packing Hints

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During your travels you will meet two kinds of tourists – those who pack light and those who wish they had. Here are a few hints:

  • Bring less and wash more – Plan every few nights to spend 10 minutes doing a little wash. Take along small packets of cool-wash detergent, wash clothes before you leave for dinner and they should be dry the next morning.

  • Color pallet – select dark clothes that dry quickly and either don’t wrinkle or look good wrinkled. Plus it is fun to buy clothes along the way.

  • Appropriate dress – During the tourist season (April- September), most concert halls go casual. It is acceptable at symphonies, operas or plays for ladies to wear dress pants or skirt and men a decent pair of slacks and a good-looking shirt or sweater.

  • Inappropriate – Shorts are uncommon in Europe and considered beachwear, especially for mature woman in big cities. Some churches, mostly in Southern Europe, have modest dress requirements for men, women and children: no shorts or bare shoulders. So consider your plans for the day and tuck in a light wrap or t-shirt in your bag.

  • Checked luggage – be certain to weigh your luggage or be prepared to pay fees. Mark your bag inside and out with your name, address, and emergency phone number. Only use TSA –approved locks on your bags. I never lock my bag and have never had a problem. We do not recommend packing anything valuable (jewelry, cash, camera).

  • Carry-on baggage – Pack your important items in your hand luggage being cautions not to make it too heavy. A bag with rollers will save your back when in airports and standing in line. If you elect to use a back pack, be aware of the space taken up behind you.

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  • Caribbean and Mexico

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  • Hawaii

  • Europe

  • Honeymoon

  • Las Vegas

  • Disney Vacations

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  • Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm
  • By Appointment Only on Saturday.


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  • Laura's Travel Service, Inc.
  • 298 East Citrus Ave
  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Tricia Pratt said on May 22, 2017

We booked a river cruise to Budapest with Lynda at Laura's Travel Service, Inc. in Redlands. Even though we live is North Carolina we were referred to her.

This cruise was the most relaxing cruise we have ever taken. The other cruises offer too much for us and way too much food. River cruises are so different because you get to stop and get off or not. Also, the private balcony and a smaller body of water was really wonderful. You can do whatever you want. You can sit with different people we we preferred as opposed to assigned seating like other cruises. You can skip a meal and nobody notices. No packing up and going to different hotels.

We've enjoyed all of our trips in different ways but this was the best and the most relaxing that we have ever taken and Lynda was the most helpful from beginning to end. For example, when we got to London we had to stay at the Marriott because our flight was the next morning and Lynda emailed us a bullet point list of how to catch the air train. It was so exact and on point! It took all the stress away. We will use her for all our trips.


Rhonda said on Oct 10, 2016

My parents moved from Redlands in 1985 to the East coast and still use Laura's Travel Service, Inc.


Lauren Briggs said on Mar 29, 2016

Lynda and all her staff are very professional and have certainly helped us with our travel plans. Truly a delight to know.


Brooks Bailey said on Sep 14, 2015

Lynda Schauf is amazing... If you are looking to set up a trip, she is the best there is...


Katie Baker said on May 27, 2015

Booked our honeymoon three weeks before we had to leave with Laura's Travel. All we had to do was pack our bags and get ourselves to the airport! So easy with them!


Ron said on May 26, 2015

We wanted to thank Lynda at Laura's Travel Service, Inc. for planning our last minute Puerto Vallarta trip! The private local tour took the experience to the next level. We would have never seen the back roads, whole in the wall restaurants with exceptional food, history, etc. We HIGHLY recommend the private local tour no matter where you travel! Also, thank you for the tip to exit the airport to find our transportation! We had no idea that the transportation people just inside the terminal take you to a time share presentation but you think you're going to your hotel. Had we booked our trip online we would have NEVER known this!! Thank you AGAIN!! We will ALWAYS use your services when we travel!


Cheryl Evans said on Nov 17, 2014

Just enjoyed ( with Lynda's help) a fabulous romantic Danube Cruise with AMA. I agree with Tom. River cruising is a great way to go!!!


Kari Spoelstra said on Nov 17, 2014

We haven't used Laura's travel for a while but we always had wonderful service when we did. It is time to reconsider an old favorite.


Norm Murray said on Nov 16, 2014

If you travel, call Laura's Travel, you will be glad you did!


Jeff Dietrich said on Jul 18, 2014

We used them in 2010, Princess cruise thru Panama Canal. Excellent service! Christina took care of us.


Kathryn M. Wilson said on Jul 16, 2014

We love Tom! Always so helpful with great advice!


Lili M Landeros said on Sep 11, 2013

They have served me & my parents well in the past.


Deborah said on Aug 30, 2012

I have never used a travel agent because, like a lot of people, I thought it was too expensive. My 25th anniversary is next year and we want to go to Greece and Italy. We have never flown international and it was so anxiety provoking for me to plan it that I kept putting it off. I am always worried about the arrangements and going off of the recommendations online is always scarey. In fact, I have put this trip off the past 5 years because of all the stress it causes me. I finally gave in and met with Lynda and it was the MOST exciting experience I have ever had planning travel. The peace of mind to have someone plan your travel who has actually been to where you are going is priceless! The best part? The fees to plan the trip are far less than the time I would have put in and the extra money I would have spent "not knowing the corners to cut." THANK YOU Lynda. We are SOOOOOOO excited!


Client Endorcement said on May 25, 2012

My wife and I would like to thank Laura's Travel Service and Tom specifically for all the help planning our Bali trip. It turned into the best vacation of our lives. The Melia Bali resort was 5 star and just beautiful. The Pertiwi Resort was fabulous after we had them change our room (the first one was dirty). The people of Bali are extremely friendly and accommodating. We engaged in so many activities that we actually lost weight, but not from lack of eating

Thanks again. We'll certainly come back to Laura's Travel Service for our next excursion.


Sherri said on Feb 1, 2011

Omg! Love the articles. It's like taking a trip. Thanks for writing them.

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