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  • Local Musicians
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  • Redlands, CA 92373


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Jazz Groups

CSUSB Professional Students

Shoes to Fill

  • Instrumental/Vocal Jazz

  • Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Bass and Drums

  • Contact: Matt Cole, (760) 403-6776

  • Rate: varies

  • Sample

Kensho Quartet

  • Barry McNaughton Guitar Vocals

  • Andrew Guevara Sax

  • Daniel Reasoner Bass

  • Jeff Moulds Drums

  • Website

  • Contact- Jeff Moulds at 909-475-1607

Live Jazz with Renee

Keith Ward and the Blackwood Jazz Combo

Soul Shake

R & B vocal Trio or Band. We play a variety of dance music and ballads. We can also switch it up and add more players if needed.

  • 909-556-8760

Classic Rock, Country, Blues & Folk

After Midnight

  • Classic rock,country, and blues


  • (909) 648-3238

Michael & the Redlands Guitar Shop Crew

  • Beautiful music...acoustic- classical - guitar

  • 760-834-5488 or 909-792-7586

Mid Life Crisis

  • Michael Taelour

  • 909-792-5925


  • Classic pop,rock,country and folk music' with vocal harmonies employing guitars,mandolins and banjos

  • Sample Downtown Redlands

New Prairie Sunset Band

  • 4-pc. country, folk and Blues

  • 951-313-1503 ask for Ray Zeigler

OneHundred Proof

  • 909-728-0017

OneHundred Proof is an up and coming local band out of Redlands CA and is on the brink of making a name for themselves. Their style of music is a mix of Rock/HipHop/Blues deriving from their choice of instruments which include everything from Heavy guitars to piano and Harmonica. They are a group of 5 musicians with different musical backgrounds and influences. There're known for their diverse style of music as well as their explosive performance and high energy on stage. OneHundred Proof has had the pleasure of performing in venues such as, House Of Blues Anaheim and Hollywood, Whisky A-Go-Go and Viper Room in Hollywood, Mission Tobacco Lounge and The Vibe in Riverside, Singers Night Club in San Bernardino, Romano's and The Royal Falconer Pub in Redlands as well as several festivals. They have also landed some well know sponsors such as Sullen Clothing, Ace music, Seydel Harmonica, King Of The Cage and Noisy Eyewear. OneHundred Proof's music can be heard on X1039's Local Band Spotlight show, X1039's Xtreme X, Coyote Radio Internet College Station and King Of The Cage show on MavTv, All of the members we're raised in Redlands and work hand and hand with local business to promote and advertise each other. These gentle respect their community and represent Redlands in a positive way. With that being said OneHundred Proof is looking to gain the support of their hometown. They have always said to their fans and supporters, "We Can't Do It With Out You" -OneHundred Proof. To learn more about OneHundred Proof, the individual members and booking info please contact them at, and or

The Tornadoes

The Tornadoes are a surf band from Redlands, California, the first to receive national airplay with a surf instrumental. The song was "Bustin' Surfboards", released on Aertaun Records in 1962, and it has since become a classic and mainstay of the surf genre. One of its distinctions, and appeals, was that the song opened with the sound of an ocean swell (that continued throughout the song), thereby creating a sense of being at a beach. The album with the same name was released in 1963. The band, however, did not manage to follow up on their success. Their song "Shootin' Beavers" was banned from airplay because of its suggestive title. The band temporarily changed their names to The Hollywood Tornadoes, because the British band the Tornado(e)s, were charting with the song "Telstar." Contact

Pop Groups

The Memoirs

  • Pop music from the Great Generation

  • 909-792-7462. Ask for Bill


Ana Gonzalez Jorgenson

  • Old Mexican folk, boleros, "rancheras", tangos and a mixture of Latin American favorites.

  • cell: 909 838 3048


In Accord Gospel Barber Shop Quartet

  • 909-915-5616
  • We would love to entertain you, lead worship or simply bring the joy of gospel or secular a capella in the babershop style to your event. Whether it is a corporate event, a Christmas party or simply to entertain your organization, we have something to suite everyone's needs.


  • Ukulele "Stylist" - Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii. He was born with a gift of music and spent most of his early years attending music camps through the Salvation Army. He picked picked up the Ukulele at 6 years old and has never put it down. Keoki is considered a Ukulele "Stylist" as he can play all types of music on his Uke. He has performed at various hotel in Waikiki as well as the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino. He mixes his love of music with his love of humanity by playing at many convalescent homes throughout the I.E. as well as the Jerry Pettis VA Hospital in Loma Linda. He can often be seen at open mic night at The Vault in Redlands.

  • 909.496.6118

Solo Artists

Gerald Counga

  • Acoustic Pop/Rock

  • 951-317-2313

  • Website

Jesse Maloney

  • Acoustic Pop/Rock

  • 909.520.5021

Mike Isberto

  • Mike is a fresh new talent that has broken into the singer/songwriter scene. Growing up in Southern California, music has always been a huge part of his life. With influences ranging from folk artists James Taylor and Bob Dylan, to soul legends Otis Redding and Boyz II Men, to rap icons Tribe Called Quest. His eclectic love for music has shaped his style, and brings a whole new sound to folk music. At a recent show, a first time listener stated, “this isn’t your typical folk or even pop; this is soul-folk, and I honestly love it. And I love how he just broke out into freestyle in the middle of his set. It was entertaining to say the least.” Mike began singing at an early age of four, at the age of eight he took up the piano, at the age of ten he began playing the saxophone, but it wasn’t until only recently when he picked up a guitar, he realized where his true passion was. Now with a solid fan base, a hard working street team, a striking acoustic sound, and a soulful unforgettable voice, Mike Isberto is making heads turn from peers and industry members alike, the future looks promising.

  • Website

Mike McCarty

  • Acoustic, Easy Listening

    • 760-285-3163

Chuck Smolsky

  • Guitarist

  • Background music $20 per hour/ Concerts $30 per hour

  • 951-487-9592


Are you a local musician?

2 Reviews


Dan said on Apr 24, 2010

I had the pleasure of meeting an outstanding young musician named Jesse. all of the others where great but there was something different about the way he played. I had such a good time that i am going to bring family and friends out the next time this happens just to meet him. Thank you so much!!


Pete said on Apr 17, 2010

The group in front of Charlie Jewels last night was rocking. 4 piece Jazz with singer. We came out of Charlies into a real concert. Thanks, my first time taking this girl out and she was really impressed.

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