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Eureka Burger

Eureka! is a leading family of restaurants that proudly serves only authentic, handmade food with locally sourced produce, all freshly cooked to order. The beverage program features 100% American craft beer, small batch whiskey, house-aged barrels and specialty cocktails sourced only from artisans throughout America to ensure a premium, innovative product that is sought after by those who appreciate the most. Menu. Read REVIEWS by clicking Business name.



  • This innovative restaurant features various homemade gourmet burger recipes, premium salads and an impressive selection of beer and wines.

  • Lending his talents to the highly-anticipated new eatery will be renowned Los Angeles-based chef Ron Guidone (owner and executive chef of Talia’s and Mangiamo in Manhattan Beach) who has created an innovative menu bridging the art of fine dining cuisine to that of the omnipotent burgers and salads.

  • The price-conscious (burgers range $10-$15) menu with nearly 30 items will present nifty takes on the original favorites that include the Triumphant “smoked” Hickory Burger, Bison Burger, Tortilla Burger and Chicken Stacked Nacho. Eureka! Burger is the perfect place to comfortably enjoy tantalizing fare while listening to some of rock n’ rolls greatest hits together with reggae rhythm and blues. Sports fans will be accommodated with high definition televisions (including NFL Direct ticket) or diners can simply enjoy the Redlands weather on the outdoor garden patio.

Happy Hour & Deals

  • Steal-The-Glass Tuesday (new beer and glass every week)

  • 1/2 off glass or bottle wine Wednesday

  • "Hoppy" Hour 2-6 p.m. and 9-close

"Beer to Go" Program

We now sell bottles of rare and amazing beer to go. These make great gifts, or can be purchased with E!B gift cards.


Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, beginning at 11 a.m.


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  • Eureka Burger
  • 345 Pearl Ave
  • Redlands, CA 92373


19 Reviews

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Teresa Kelley said on Jul 31, 2017

Eureka Burger has a great kids menu, and they bring fruit as a free kid's appetizer too! My kids love it!


Shandreka Rankin said on Jul 23, 2017

My family tried Eureka Thursday night and it was awesome! Adults and kids were pleased!


Angie Greenfield said on Jan 19, 2015

The kale portobello is awesome!


Linda said on Jan 3, 2015

My sister and I went here today for lunch! It was seriously the best place I have been to for a veggie burger!!! I got the egg and jalapenio burger with the bean and beet patty! Our waitress, Stacy! Asked if I wanted the egg (just in case I was vegan which was super thoughtful!) AND then she told me that I could substitute the bacon for avocado at NO extra charge!!!! IT WAS THE BEST BURGER EVER!!! She was FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Please tell her how awesome she is! because I do not think she knows this!!! She also made me fresh coffee so I did not have to have old coffee! Which was amazing and it was from Augies!!!! She was so nice and awesome!!!! And helpful!!!!!!! Words are not enough!!!!! Thank you!


Jack Sabri said on Apr 9, 2014

Great burgers! Especially the Fig.


Heidi said on Aug 29, 2012

My friend had been itching to try this new burger joint, and although I dont eat red meat or pork, who am I to deny my friend from trying something new?
As I was sitting on the outside bench, waiting for my friend to arrive, I couldn't help but realize the intoxicating smell of beef-fries-fat and just plain deliciousness. As we were seated quickly, I had initially thought this place was going to be like one of those LA burger places like counterburger where you just check-off what/how you want your custom burger to be made...but this was pleasantly different.

It was a bit overwhelming to choose from the vast selection of burgers-everything sounded delicious! I settled for the jalapeno egg turkey burger, and my friend decided on the LULU burger. My hangar24 orange wheat arrived quickly and it did not disappoint! Yummy locally brewed goodness.

once the food arrived, our laughter and gossip immediately stopped. and we grubbed. no talking, just grubbing. and every moment i passed chewing my jalapeno burger was heaven sent. i usually settle for mediocre turkey burgers, but this one was perfectly seasoned, and cooked just right. Although it was not a dry burger, i wish there had been more of the spicy chipotle sauce to drench that delicious meat.
Fries were also perfectly made, loaded with lots of herbs- just the way I like it.

As you can probably guess, no food went to waste that day. our plates were licked clean.

I'll definitely be back to try the other burgers and perhaps a beer sampler! Maybe a couple more trips will bring about a 5 star review. But yeah, yummy place for lunch with amazing flavor combinations, great service, and lots of beer on tap!


Trish said on Jun 28, 2012

My mouth seriously waters just thinking about this place. Eureka! Burger was on my LONG bookmark list of place I wanted to try. I'm glad I did.

After much contemplation and indecision, I finally decided to go with the Fig Marmalade Burger, cooked medium. Delicioussssss. The fig marmalade added a nice hint of sweet to the bacon & tangy goat cheese. The meat basically melted in my mouth. SO GOOD! I am definitely coming back here again soon to try out another burger.

Also tried the Eureka Truffle Fries with my party, which were pretty yummy and were gone quick!

The service was attentive and quick, given it was a busy time of day AND on the weekend. More than one person came to our table to check on us, which was a good thing, given the details mentioned. Also, our waitress was helpful when deciding on what type of beer to choose from. Their beer selection is pretty wide.


Chase said on Sep 13, 2011

$1 draft beer and a bacon cheeseburger is perfect for happy hour


Samantha Velarde said on Jun 29, 2011

The shrimp po' boy and Pliny was great today. Thanks guys


Donald Durham said on Feb 10, 2011

It was awesome as it always is :) they are the only place that will make a legitimate medium rare burger for me. I had the Pearl Street Blues Burger.... so yummy


Mike Hunt said on Jan 13, 2011

The four stars are for the beer only. The burgers are okay, but if you are coming to EB for the food then you are missing the point. They have the best craft beer selection I have seen in Redlands. Go early for some good beers.


John C said on Mar 24, 2010

Best burger joint in Redlands (and the surrounding area) by far. The Hanger 54 beer (Plae Ale) is excellent. The Blue cheese burger was great, the fries tasty. Service is top notch.


J. Leedrab said on Sep 20, 2009

I ordered a burger and some obscure boutique beer and my wife ordered a glass of wine and a beet salad. We were out the door for under $30 and the meal was equivalent to a $60-$70+ meal in West LA at a place like Houstons or the desert in a high end steak restaurant. Excellent!


Devin said on Aug 13, 2009

$1 drafts for Happy Hour!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Burger Seeker said on Aug 13, 2009

The place is legit. To promote yourself as a burger specialist ... you better be good. Eureka delivers!


Matthew W. said on Aug 5, 2009

Dining started off with a welcomed greeting and then I was seated at the bar. I was politely asked what type of beverage I would enjoy then I was given a menu. I reviewed the well arranged menu and decided on a tortilla burger with a fresh tossed salad occupancy by a spicy ranch dressing. the burger was cooked as ordered and was very flavorful, I have never experienced a burger dressed this way. Was a little over priced for what is was but then again this is redlands! Thanks for a well cooked burger!


lenny bravecoat, Jr. III said on Aug 4, 2009

tortilla burger was ridiculous. a couple former hooter girls work there, classy at this place though!!! really nice people, phenomenal food ... lots of tvs, great music ... modern, yet warm ambiance


robert said on Aug 4, 2009

burgers are great, I have been there three times in 10 days. Had the Original Eureka, Tortilla Burger and Loma Linda Veggie ... very delicious. The Veggie was to die for, very unique. Staff is great, good music ... tvs will be great for football. Keep up the good work, Redlands needed a place like this.


travis said on Jul 29, 2009

Hamburger was awesome! Staff and atmosphere were great also. Side portions are extremely small. I would go back.

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