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Board and Brush Redlands

Board and Brush Creative Studio offers inspiring DIY workshops for people who love to create and connect with friends. Choose a wood project, doormat, or any of our specialty workshops from over 800+ designs. We provide all the material and instruct you step-by-step to create a gorgeous piece for your home or for a gift. We host private parties, fundraisers, public workshops, and kids parties. We have something for all ages here at the Board and Brush Redlands

Are you looking for a night out with friends? Is your inner DIY itching for a fun new project without having to buy all your own supplies and make a mess at your house? Then BOOK A WORKSHOP at Board & Brush Creative Studio in Redlands.

Redlands, CA is located halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. For more than 75 years, it was the largest naval orange producer in the region, so the city still carries the charm of its citrus days! Redlands has a thriving historic downtown with a mix of local shops and restaurants. It’s also now home to Garner Holt Productions, Inc., the world's finest animatronics, special effects, show action systems, and more. Redlands is privy to being an hour's drive to the beach or mountains—you could do both in a day if you felt the urge!