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Bug Bug Pest Defense

BugBug Pest Defense has taken an innovative step to better serve technicians and customers within the industry. Each of our BugBug technicians are not simply employees, they are co-owners in the company. Each owner-technician has a vested interest in the success of their route because as a representative of BugBug they own their area of service. This ensures you will get the very best quality of service and attention that you deserve.

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Chase (left) and Cameron (right) grew up in Redlands, and graduated from Redlands East Valley High School in 2018. In Spring 2022, we both graduated from Cal State San Marcos with business degrees. Last summer, we started BugBug Pest Defense with a new approach to pest control, bringing choice to the homeowner whether they want to do it themselves or have a professional handle the job.

Our professional service stands out among others, as we blow the spray path before applying our product. This ensures that we have a clean, direct-to-surface application, creating the best bug barrier for your home.

We are the only pest control company in the nation that has D.I.Y. pest control kits (do-it-yourself). We created these to solely help homeowners save money. Our kits save homeowners over $500 a year, compared to the industry-standard professional service. The pesticide used in the kit is the same exact one us professionals use when we spray your home, just in a single dose amount! It is pet and kid-friendly when used as directed. Our D.I.Y. kits get delivered straight to your door on a custom schedule that BugBug curated.

Our professional services will be available in Redlands and surrounding areas this year. Check out our website to order your D.I.Y. kit today!