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My Joyful Body

Alternative medicine, colon hydrotherapy, foot detox, bio resonance scans to help identify deficiencies in the body.

My Joyful Body is a modern holistic approach with the newest technology to find the root of illness by blending science with intuition to heal our bodies from within.

Melissa Sue Chavez studied abroad, earned her Master’s Degree at Grand Canyon University and became a registered nurse. My joyful body journey started 5 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment Melissa dedicated her time to help her body get rid of toxins and minimize the symptoms of chemotherapy. Since her passing she realized she found her passion for holistic healing. She furthered her education in hopes of sharing her knowledge and to help clients find the root causes of illness that impact our health today.

My Joyful Body offers a wide range of services from Colon Hydrotherapy, ionic foot bath, RASHA- Scalar-Plasma-Crystalline Sound Harmonizer, Bio Resonance Scans, blood work and so much more. Our hope is that every person that comes into My Joyful Body feels a sense of rebalance and empowerment.