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Boards by Kenn

Luxury charcuterie boxes and boards handcrafted to delicious perfection! We pride ourselves on making every single board with the best ingredients that are locally sourced! This is an experience like no other, cheese & carbs? YES PLEASE!

Boards by Kenn is a luxury charcuterie business that curates boxes, boards and tables. Grazing to go at an affordable price! Charcuterie elevates any event by adding a wow factor to all guests. This is the future of meat and cheese spreads, it’s all about presentation and small details!

My name is Kendra the girl behind the boards! I started this business in January 2021 as a creative outlet and a way to keep myself busy outside of work. This business has blossomed into something amazing and it’s only the beginning! I’m still in awe of all the incredible opportunities that are popping up all because I decided to take the plunge and start this business.

If your love language is carbs and cheese then we’re the right business for you! Head on over to my Instagram page here to see what cheese dreams are made of!