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The Wolf's Den

Obstacle course and ninja warrior gym. Grip training, strength, speed, agility, balance training and obstacle course technique. 5 years old up to adult.

The OCR/Ninja community is only going to grow more in SoCal. We have needed a gym like this. The Wolf's Den has the potential to help many people!

Come to The Wolf's Den if you struggle with completing obstacles at Tough Mudder or Spartan. There are easier techniques to complete them. There is no need to do 30 burpees when you can do the obstacles and get a better time.

Come to The Wolf's Den if you, or your kids (at least 5 years old) want to be ninjas! Lots of ninja obstacles will be added!

Come to The Wolf's Den to get better at your current sport. We will teach lots of balancing exercises. Balance training helps with sports like soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, boxing, mma, tennis and more!

Come to The Wolf's Den if you want to have FUN training! I know I was bored with the traditional corporate gym routine. This can help you meet some awesome positive athletes and goals.

I have personally seen many of my current students get physically and mentally stronger from this training.