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Contempo Mexican fusion dishes inspired by the traditional Mexican street food! Life is about celebrating with loved ones, eating and talking together. If you agree, please join us at Don Orange for contempo tacos, tapas and tequila. Ilegal 1895 Private room upstairs - An extravagant speakeasy bringing you an elevated cocktail and dining experience.


Life is about eating. Sitting together.
And having a conversation.
And if you’re like us, the best moments include family and friends enjoying a great meal.

We created Don Orange as a place to have an experience surrounded by the decor of the past polished and presented for today’s guest.

No gimmicks. No frills.

Don Orange is a place where the community comes together to celebrate and enjoy a shared moment that is real not virtual. Not online and not made by a gigantic corporation.

Don Orange is for real people, made by real people. With your choices and tastes in mind.

We’re simple. Exceptional Tacos + Tequila.
Served in a one-of-a-kind historical setting surrounded by folks that are united by a common love for great food, drink and real moments.

Here, it’s ok to turn off the phone. Unless you feel the need to document your experience. #donorangetacos for a shout out.

Eat. Relax. Enjoy.
Your stomach and soul will thank you.

Don Orange. Mixing the history of the past with the innovation and excitement of today.